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8 Reasons Why Your Zoning Business Needs Air-Driven Dampers

Posted by Colleen Weston on Jul 24, 2012 @ 09:37 AM

Arzel Retrofit-Friendly Damper Line

  1. EASY - Arzel EzySlide dampers slide directly into existing ductwork, eliminating the need for reconfiguration or time-consuming alterations. The round EzySlide dampers each come with a sticker template that adheres to the sheet metal ductwork or sleeve.  After a triangular slot is cut into the sheet metal duct, the damper is inserted and installed with just 4 sheet metal screws.  The rectangular trunk dampers are installed by cutting a 5” diagonal slot into the trunk line and inserting sheet metal screws into the damper mounting plate.  Typically EzySlide dampers can be installed in less than 5 minutes which is A LOT less labor time than running low voltage wires and using dampers that are not retrofit friendly. View a EzySlide damper installation here.

  2. RELIABLE– Arzel’s line of air-driven dampers carry the industry’s BEST zoning product warranty of 10 years parts & labor.  You won’t find that on ANY mechanical damper system on the market today.  Why does Arzel offer a 10 year parts and labor damper warranty? BECAUSE WE CAN!  Motors, gears and wiring connections on mechanical dampers can cause failure issues in a much shorter period of time than air-driven Arzel damper with NO moving parts.  No moving parts=nothing to fail! 

  3. FLEXIBILE -  Arzel offers a damper size and style for just about ANY application you might find yourself in.  Given that Arzel dampers aren’t dependent on a large, heavy motor to operate, we have much more flexibility in designing our dampers, meaning more sizes and styles are readily available for you.  Arzel offers dampers for applications if you don’t have access to ductwork products such as the EzyFit, RegiDamper and InsertaDamper make retrofit zoning a simple job, even if you can’t see the ductwork.    

  4. QUIET – Arzel dampers are hands-down the quietest dampers on the market.  Being that there are no motors attached to Arzel dampers, no noise is generated by the motion of the dampers opening and closing – a common complain of mechanical damper systems.  Being that air-driven dampers are more quiet, it makes branch dampering easier and more effective.

  5. AFFORDABLE – Since there are no costly motors to contend with, our EzySlide dampers are typically up to 50% less than their mechanical counterparts.  Installation materials are less as no transformers are necessary for any of our dampers. When branch dampering those transformers can definitely add up when dealing with mechanical systems.  With Arzel you will run tubing instead of low voltage wire – one roll of 200ft pvc tubing is roughly two to three times less than copper wire.  Big savings – not just on the dampers but on the installation materials and labor time as well. Have a zoning application? Get a quote! 

  6. CUSTOM OPTIONS – Arzel offers quick turn-around time for custom dampers and control panels.  Need a damper size that isn’t considered “stock”?  No problem!  Arzel produces custom dampers within 24 hours, allowing you to complete your job quickly.  Need a custom panel configuration?  Within 24 hours Arzel can build and ship any custom panel configurations needed for your application.  

  7. TECHNICAL SUPPORT -  Arzel offers unsurpassed technical support on all aspects of our product line.  LIVE technical support is available from 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. EST Monday through Friday – no holding time, no call-backs. We pride ourselves on having support readily available to get you on and off the phone quickly  and onto your job.  Weeknights from 6:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m. EST, Arzel is available through our “Text-a-Tech” program.  Simply text “ArzelSupport” to 69302 and an Arzel technical support representative will call you promptly to discuss your situation.  

  8. 100% COMFORT GUARANTEE – Homeowner on the fence as to if the zoning you’re quoting is going to work?  Seal the deal by offering your homeowner Arzel’s 100% Comfort Guarantee!  The 100% Comfort Guarantee states that if the homeowner is not satisfied with their Arzel system after it’s been installed for one year then Arzel will buy back the materials back from the installing contractor.  What better way to make a sale than the not just warranty the parts of a product, but guarantee that the product will satisfy the customer’s comfort issues? Download the 100% Guarantee to use on your next sales call!



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