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10 Residential Economizer/Fresh-Air System Applications

Posted by Colleen Weston on Apr 29, 2013 @ 08:00 AM

Applications for residential economizersWhile economizers and fresh-air systems have not traditionally been installed in homes, new control technology like the Arzel CoolMizer makes it possible for homeowners to get the IAQ, comfort and energy usage benefits from a solution previously used in commercial settings. 

Since this is a new solution for customer comfort and air quality challenges, the opportunities may not be as apparent as they are for other add-on products. 

  1. Newer or recently insulated homes: These homes strive to be air tight to reduce heat/cooling loss, making the home’s air stuffy and stale.

  2. Existing IAQ products: Consumer is conscious of indoor air health and the ventilation function on the economizer dilutes and expels harmful VOCs, odors and off-gases along with reducing the presence of allergens with an air filter. 

  3. Homes with large entertainment spaces: These areas may not have windows and can become stuffy when occupied.

  4. Three-season rooms: These areas typically have more sun exposure and are smaller rooms built off the main home structure causing comfort and ventilation challenges. 

  5. Security concerns: Consumers have concerns about leaving windows open for fresh air, especially at night or when the home is unoccupied. 

  6. Families with young children: The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission reports there is a dramatic increase during warmer temperatures of injuries and fatalities in young children due to falls through opened windows. 

  7. Townhomes/condos: These homes typically share wall spaces and experience minimum or no heat loss. 

  8. Large, fixed glass exposure: Great rooms with walls of window or rooms with large sunlights have more heat exposure with little heat loss. 

  9. Pets: Pet dander is a common allergen in homes and can be decreased with continual ventilation and circulation of the air. 

  10. South & Southwest Regions: Cool, dry nights supply plenty of air to provide free conditioning, reducing expense of operating condenser. 

In today’s market, consumers are looking for home comfort solutions which are responsive to their lifestyle but can also be used with their existing systems. You are still their informational source for cutting edge technology and you have a unique opportunity to provide comfort and smarter energy management when you offer an economizer to your residential customers.

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