Arzel Names Jon’s Plumbing & Heating as our 2017 Contractor of the Year!

From their humble beginnings in 1998, Jon Sells (pictured right)  founded Jon’s Plumbing & Heating with the desire to be, “the best plumbing and heating contractor in the area we serve. Not the biggest, just the best.” That was the foundation that Jon’s Plumbing & Heating was built on, and it’s what continues to catapult them into their 20th year of business.

After 20 years, they show absolutely no signs of slowing. With customer service at the forefront of their priorities, Jon’s Plumbing & Heating has grown to a team of 18 dedicated professionals who pride themselves on providing their valued customers with real solutions to their comfort needs, not just selling them a box.

Arzel isn’t the only one noticing this standout company. Jon’s Plumbing & Heating has been recognized with an array of awards for their outstanding service. Most recently, Jon’s Plumbing & Heating was awarded 2nd place from American Electric Power for kilowatt hours saved by their customers. They have also been recognized by PHC Contractor Magazine as one of the top 20 contractors in the United States, and made the INC5000 list for being one of the fastest growing companies in the United States. This barely scratches the surface of the many well-deserved accolades that this superstar company has earned throughout their 20 years in business.

With the top Arzel panel registries for 2017, Jon’s Plumbing & Heating continues to thrive, especially when it comes to zoning sales. So aside from a growing team, great values, and various awards, what else has helped drive the success of Jon’s Plumbing & Heating in 2017? The answer to that question is simple; putting the customer’s comfort first! When quoting a job for a new home, Jon’s Plumbing & Heating consistently includes zoning in their pricing platform unless the home is a basic ranch, with no finished basement. The rule of thumb in this case is, “if there is a 2nd floor or a finished basement, it is going to be priced with zoning.” This mentality is crucial in conveying the importance of comfort to the customer.

Keeping the customer’s comfort at the forefront of their business requires a quality product that will both guarantee their comfort, and be reliable for the long run. After being burned by zoning products that utilize electric motors that constantly failed and were harder to install, they decided that it was time to make a change. After switching to Arzel, Jon’s Plumbing & Heating was pleased to discover that Arzel was extremely easy to install and setup, and that the pneumatic dampers eliminated the failures found in other zoning products. Now Jon’s Plumbing & Heating consistently chooses Arzel for their zoning jobs. Not only do they find it easier to install and program than other products, but they also find it easier to sell! With the industry’s only lifetime warranty and 100% Comfort Guarantee, it is extremely easy to assure the customer that they are making the best investment for a more comfortable tomorrow! Jon’s Plumbing & Heating is so confident in the Arzel product line, that they even have a working Arzel Zoning System installed in their showroom (pictured right), as well as one in Jon’s own home.

Throughout their 20 years of service, Jon’s Plumbing & Heating has definitely come a long way. They are a true testament of how focusing on the needs of the customer, not money or size of the company, can truly make your business standout against the competition. With values like that, it’s not a surprise that they continue to win not only awards, but also the business and trust of so many homeowners in the area they serve. Arzel Zoning Technology is proud to have such a dedicated dealer representing our products, and we look forward to another successful year for Jon’s Plumbing & Heating.

Join Arzel in Celebrating Cy’s Sweet 16!

Cy is the original EzySlide test damper that Arzel officially introduced to the zoning market in 1994. In the early 1990s, Arzel used Cy to began cycle testing the lifespan of a new damper design. Cy the damper continued to cycle reaching its 10 Millionth cycle in 2012. Since 2012, Cy has continued cycling night and day averaging 10,000 cycles per year.





Check out the video below and join Arzel in celebrating Cy’s incredible 


Tuesday, August 8, 2017 10:58am

Arzel Zoning Launches the Arzel Proposal App

Cleveland, June 23rd 2017: Arzel is pleased to announce the newest addition to HVAC contractor tools, the Arzel Proposal App! This new app is a free utility that makes it easy for technicians to manage customers, organize jobs and create professional proposals on the spot. Have a proposal signed or have it sent before you even leave the customer.
Save TIME and make more MONEY! Create custom proposals anytime, anywhere!



  • Customize Company Profile: Add company logo, address and contact information (Displayed within app, on proposals and emails)
  • Quick and easy customer contact set up
  • Increase profits with provided sales tools: Easy access to videos and digital literature
  • Save Time and complete work at the job-site
  • Invoice ANY service and customize all Arzel product and material fields
  • Quote a customer and offer a Good, Better or Best option
  • ONE CALL, CLOSE: Customers can sign proposals right on your device
  • Email professional proposals to your customers with one tap
  • View and Edit detailed product sizes & specifications

 Download the Proposal App on  Google Play Today!

Arzel Zoning Names: Fred Martinez as National Sales Manager

Cleveland, June 12th, 2017:  Arzel Zoning is pleased to announce that Fred Martinez has joined the Arzel team as National Sales Manager.

 In this new position, Fred will use his diverse background to building long term relationships with existing customers while bringing aboard new distributors and representatives.

Fred states, “I am extremely excited about the opportunity to join a great company that will allow me to use my talents and experiences to soar to new heights. It is great to be a part of a team that works hard and really cares about their customers and putting them first.”

Fred comes with a diverse background in management and over 20 years of sales experience. Throughout his career, He has received numerous awards for his outstanding customer service and performance. These achievements include a 2-time President Club award recipient providing excellent customer service and an 8-time recipient of the Network Expansion Award as the top performer for bringing in new business.

Please join us in welcoming Fred to the Arzel Zoning team!

Arzel Zoning Names: Amber Foster as Receptionist/Accounts Payable Representative 

Cleveland, May 16th, 2017: Arzel Zoning is pleased to announce that Amber Foster has joined the Arzel team as its new Receptionist and Accounts Payable Representative. In this position, Amber will use her diverse background to provide the best care for our customers and implement efficient organizational strategies.

Amber says, “I am very excited to put my learned skills to use while mastering new ones. I find great satisfaction in helping others, and I’m excited to be in a position where I get to do that on a daily basis.”

Amber was born and raised in Streetsboro, Ohio and plans on continuing to make northeast Ohio her home. She has several years of experience handling business accounts, providing exceptional customer service and conducting other administrative tasks. Amber is eager to contribute her effective communication skills and commitment to quality and service to the company.

Please join us in welcoming Amber to the Arzel® Zoning team.

Arzel Zoning is an industry leader producing innovative solutions made simple and reliable. Arzel’s zoning products provide Solution-Based Comfort® for both residential and light commercial applications.  


Congratulations to Arzel’s newest Comfort Consultants!

Arzel Zoning Names: Jessica Finley as Customer Service Representative 

Cleveland, May 8th, 2017: Arzel Zoning is pleased to announce that Jessica Finley has been named the new Customer Service Representative. In this role, Jessica will utilize her well-rounded background to achieve superior care for our customers, provide support for our distributors and sales reps, and supplement our marketing efforts.

Jessica says, “I am very excited to put my diverse background to work, and to develop new specialties while learning more about this industry. It is refreshing to be a part of a team that works so well together and really cares about their customers and what they do.”

Jessica graduated from the University of Akron with a Bachelor’s Degree, double-majoring in Marketing Management and Sales Management.  During her time as a student, Jessica was an officer for the American Marketing Association’s Akron chapter and was a Marketing Project Manager for her senior year internship. Jessica also held positions in Customer Relations and Business Development Managing.

Her diverse professional work experience has allowed her to be comfortable with wearing the many hats that this position calls for. She is ready to dive into the Zoning and HVAC industry, and is excited to put her array of skills to work for Arzel and our customers.

Please join us in welcoming Jessica to the Arzel Zoning team.



The Benefits of Zoning 

You’ve noticed some warm and cold spots in your home since you moved in. At first you thought you could live with them, but now it’s frustrating – you want to use the basement as a family room, but it’s just too cold; that extra room on the second floor would be great as an office, but it turns into a sauna in the summer; and you can’t turn the air conditioning up in the living room without over conditioning the first floor, too.

You talked to your local contractor, and he gave you a solution: zoning. Great, problem solved. But what else does zoning do other than fix those uncomfortable spots? What additional benefits does it bring?2 couples in kitchen

1. Lowers Your Energy Bill

Zoning allows you to raise or lower the temperature in different areas in your home (zones). When a zone isn’t being put to use, the temperature in that zone can be lowered which saves on energy consumption.

2. Increases Comfort Across Your Home

Hot and cold spots aren’t the only spots in your home that could use some increased comfort. When Family Member A is cooking in the kitchen and the oven is making it a little warmer than you like, you can lower the temperature in that zone without decreasing it in the living room where Family Members B and C are playing a board game and like it to be a little warmer.

Or maybe Mom and Dad like their room a little on the cooler side when they sleep, but the kids like it to be a little toastier. That can also be done since there is a separate thermostat in each of those zones.

3. Allows You to Schedule Your Comfort

Programmable thermostats are terrific. They’re even better when paired with zoning – you can set different areas of your home to raise and lower the temperature at different times of the day based on what parts of your home you use at those times. Only use your family room on the weekends? Set it to a more comfortable temperature for Saturdays and Sundays. Does the dining room and kitchen go unused until 5:00? Set the system lower for the hours you’re away from it. Does someone work from home but only uses one or two areas during the day? Keep those areas more comfortable while using less energy to heat or cool the rest of the house until everyone comes home from work and school. Programmable thermostats aren’t necessary for zoning, but they can be useful.

4. Once it’s in, it’s done

Zoning systems like the Arzel® systems don’t have to be regularly maintained. Once the system is installed, that’s it. No yearly check-ups or routine maintenance needed; and that means no added cost to you.

5. Increases the Value of Your Home

When it comes time to sell, a zoning system will even add value to your home.

So start putting that extra space to use; give your local contractor a call. You’ll be glad you did.

Did You Know Arzel Specializes in Commercial Zoning? 

Don’t miss an opportunity to easily expand your business and provide additional comfort and improve indoor air quality to your customers. Arzel Zoning has designed a zoning system that can handle every heating and cooling systems used in commercial applications up to 15 tons. 

All of Arzel’s products have been designed to handle the wear and tear of light commercial applications, and have been field tested to ensure maximum reliability. To further ensure customer satisfaction, Arzel is the only zoning company that backs its systems with a lifetime warranty. In an industry where reputation is everything, a customer can rest easy knowing that they are covered.

Contact an Arzel expert today to learn more about commercial zoning products and applications!


2016 Adopt a City Award

The Manufacturing Advocacy and Growth Network (MAGNET),  is proud to announce that Arzel Zoning Technology, Inc. has been named a winner of NASA’s 2016 Adopt a City Award! Arzel Zoning will be working with NASA engineers to assess in the implementation of new technology into the Arzel product line. 

Arzel Zoning NASA Winner