More homeowners are looking for products, especially as a part of their HVAC system,  to improve indoor air quality and reduce energy bills but maintain or even improve their comfort expectations. As an HVAC professional, you now have a product proven to provide healthier, more energy-efficient comfort with the award-winning Arzel Zoning CoolMizer system.  CoolMizer is the first all-in-one, Economizer/Fresh Air Intake system designed for residential and light commercial split systems. CoolMizer brings in fresh, outdoor air to not only provide ventilation benefits, but to also condition the air for “free” when conditions are right.

Homeowners can now minimize their energy usage as the CoolMizer reduces the compressor’s run time and utilizes the benefits of fresh outdoor air.  And because of it’s visibility,  CoolMizer is useable nationwide as different regions experience various comfort challenges. For example, in the north, homes may be warm during the spring and fall, but the air outside is temperate, while in the southwest, cool, dry nights supply plenty of air to provide free conditioning.

While the CoolMizer decreases energy usage, it increases indoor air quality by continually bringing in fresh air when pre-set conditions are met.  Since many homes are built or have been retrofitted to be “airtight,” homeowners may experience a decrease in their indoor air quality. CoolMizer improves ventilation to provide cleaner, fresher air around the clock while it also dilutes and expels harmful VOCs, odors, and other contaminants. The CoolMizer can be integrated into bathroom and kitchen fans to better-rid homes of stagnant air and unpleasant odors.  It also reduces carbon emissions by not burning any fossil fuels or using extra electricity to run.

CoolMizer delivers both ventilation and free conditioning by selectively introducing outdoor air with any ducted heating and cooling system.  Utilizing the system’s blower, the air is drawn into the home through an opening controlled by Arzel retrofit-friendly dampers and distributed through the duct system. This can be accomplished with two separate dampers, one large for free conditioning and one smaller for ventilation, or the patented Arzel Damper2 technology®.   Damper2 technology is the only dual-purpose damper designed to provide both the benefits of free air conditioning and ventilation.  This innovative damper is two dampers in one, each controlled individually as required.

The CoolMizer is ideal for retrofit or new construction forced-air applications, and configuration is simple with an easy-to-read LCD and set-up wizard. It can also be integrated with the Arzel Zoning system for more customized control of the airflow.

Provide healthy savings for your customer and healthy margins for your business with the Arzel CoolMizer residential and light commercial economizer. To schedule a demo today, click here.