Electrical Engineer/ Computer Engineer

Cleveland company seeks a “maker” and “do-er” type electrical/computer/software engineer to join our product development team. You will assist in the support of our new multi-zone, wireless, networked HVAC control product line and help develop new innovative products.

You Will:

  • Work with the team designing hardware, firmware, app software, and web software you will advocate design decisions that are in the best interest of the company and product success.
  • Be an expert in embedded software and will maintain, add features, fix bugs, and lead the embedded efforts that are brought in-house.
  • Be responsible for creating the software and hardware tools to manufacture the products, track quality, support technicians in the field, designing future versions of the product, accessories, and the company’s other visionary products.
  • Use your expertise to evaluate and make data-driven decisions about best sensors, components, costs, and other factors that contribute to good product designs.
  • Apply your intuitive understanding of product development and customer pain to advocate for the right solutions and prevent the pursuit of wrong solutions.

Show Us:

  • 5-10 years of embedded and project engineering experience; that your experience is a process of growth that has subsequently enriched your skills.
  • That you develop a passion for projects you take on; that your intuition about a customer’s problems and the functionality required in products, that solving them is second nature.
  • That you have developed a toolbox; Instead of reinventing the wheel, you have become an expert in particular processors, sensors, or software tools and can whip them out to solve a problem.
  • That you understand product development; that you can balance all that contributes to product manufacturing cost with all that is consumed by development cost – and choose the correct balance.
  • That you solve problems in the correct order; that you prove you can solve a problem, and then you productize the solution to the problem.
  • That you are comfortable as the product expert leading and advocating to outside contractors who design software or hardware; That you communicate functionality and technical paths which are intuitive to you but may not be to others.

To be a valuable contributor to the team some of the technical skills you will need:

  •  5-10 years in electrical engineering, computer engineering, software engineering.
  • A variety of skills in writing software.
    • For embedded applications on 8 to 32-bit microcontrollers, writing embedded applications in C, embedded debugging, and associated development tools.
    • Application development in embedded real-time operating systems: (the principles and practices of writing thread-safe code: guarding resources, sharing data and signalling threads.)
    • Writing simple computer applications for testing, manufacturing, or field service support: For example using Visual Studio (C#, C++), LabVIEW, or another rapid application development environment.
    • Putting together the pieces of web software: PHP, Ruby, MySQL, AJAX, relational database theory, REST, etc.
  • Expertise in computer architecture
    • Peripheral busses: I2C, SPI, UART, etc.
    • Power states for battery powered electronics.
    • Drivers for chip peripherals.
  • Expertise in electrical engineering
    • Estimating and confirming power requirements and battery life.
    • Hardware design at the level of digital signals, inter-device communication, block level design, and selection of semiconductors.
    • Design reviews of hardware.
    • Wireless communication.
    • Debugging hardware using tools of the trade like multi-meters and oscilloscopes.
  • Expertise in information technology
    • TCP/IP networking.
    • Web server configuration, maintenance, databases.
    • Software as a service type of applications.
    • Amazon Web Services (AWS EC2, AWS IOT, AWS RDS)
  • Manufacturing
    • Designing for manufacture, managing cost and choosing components.
    • Creating manufacturing software and test fixtures to program, test, serialize, and track products.
    • Working with contract manufacturers to set up products for manufacturing.
  • Quality management
    • Experience implementing quality systems (any quality system.)

Submit your resume to rick@arzelzoning.com