If you were at the AHR show in January, you were able to witness the unveiling of Haven, our brand new product for 2016. It’s not quite ready for the market yet, but your feedback at the show tells us that when it does become available this summer, it will be a HUGE success. If you didn’t get to see it in action, here’s a little information about it:Haven ECB flipped

Haven is a completely wireless, app driven, energy harvesting zoning system. We have reduced the installation time even more by eliminating the need to run any wires or tubing to the dampers or thermostats. This new system has five main parts: the TC, the damper, the ECB, and two apps.

The TC (temperature controller) is what takes the place of the thermostat. No more need for an ugly box on the wall. This slick little guy can sit on a desk, end table, kitchen counter – wherever the homeowner’s heart desires. But just in case their heart desires a wall-mounted TC, it can still do that.

The damper is quite different from our current dampers. Each damper has its own pump rather than one main pump in the panel. It also has its own energy harvesting impeller which functions when the zone is calling and the damper opens. This is one savvy damper.

Pictured at the top right is the ECB (equipment control box). Imagine this as the better-dressed, high tech-friendly big brother of our current panels. The Haven ECB is an intelligent hybrid of our HeatPumPro, GTPro, and CoolMizer panels. It’s Wi-Fi capable, and is controlled completely by the system apps.

There are two apps for Haven: the contractor app and the homeowner app. The contractor app is used to set up the system which is made even easier by the auto-configure features. The homeowner or consumer app is used to set schedules, control each zone temperature, and monitor the system. It also gives energy saving tips and sends the contractor notifications for any service requirements.

Haven will be available through our distributor network by late summer 2016, but until then, you can visit the Haven website, www.HavenComfort.com, and sign up for more information.
How will you do comfort in 2016?