Autumn weather is quickly approaching. The air outside begins to cool down, but our homes are often times still warmer than we would like them to be. The fresh, cool air outside seems like just the solution, so we open the windows; but letting those windows hang open brings safety issues, allows unwanted pests inside, and can bring a too-warm home to a too-cold home more quickly than we would like.

What if you could have all the pros of fresh air in your home without the cons? The Arzel CoolMizer allows you to do just that. When outside conditions are favorable, the system will open the dampers to the outside, allowing the air to be drawn into the home and be distributed throughout the duct system. When outside conditions are no longer beneficial to use, the CoolMizer system closes those dampers and returns to using the regular mechanical system.

This gives the homeowner an abundance of benefits: free heating and cooling; fresher air inside the home; peace of mind, as they’re receiving all the advantages of open windows with none of the risks; file-30107461reducing their carbon emissions by not using extra electricity or gas; and improving the indoor air quality by dismissing VOCs, odors, and chemical gases.

It also offers many contractor benefits: easy set up; it can be assimilated with any forced-air system already in the home; ideal for retrofit and new-construction; and it offers field-proven technology in commercial applications.

It’s a win-win product for contractors and homeowners. Contractors can work with a system that’s easy and fast to set up, and homeowners get a system that offers so many different benefits and pays for itself in energy efficiency in no time.