Meet Gabriella, Arzel’s new Marketing Coordinator

Introducing the newest addition to our marketing department, Gabriella Lucarelli!

Gabriella has joined our team at Arzel® Zoning and is taking on the role of Marketing Coordinator. Gabriella is a Cleveland, OH native who graduated from Kent State University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication and Media Studies. While concentrating in interpersonal communication, she took a liking to the marketing and design aspects of her degree. Throughout her previous job experience she has refined her talents and expanded both her communication and marketing skills. In this role she will assist Arzel® in the expansion of creative aspects as well as developing new marketing approaches, while providing outstanding customer service.

She is thrilled to join our team here at Arzel® and looks forward to utilizing her vast skillset to benefit our company. Please join us in giving her a warm welcome!

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