Warranty Claims

Warranty Claims

All Arzel® Zoning systems installed after January 1, 2013 are covered by a limited lifetime parts warranty. The purchasing homeowner is responsible for activating warranty coverage within 90 days of installation. Unregistered systems receive one (1) year parts warranty coverage.

Warranty Claims Process



Call Arzel® with a copy of the panel serial number and the name of the homeowner to which the panel belongs to verify the system is under warranty. The panel serial number will always begin with the letter “P” and be followed by three additional letters along with a series of seven or eight numbers (see picture).


Once warranty coverage has been verified an Arzel® tech will confirm the diagnosis of the defective part and issue an RMA.


After the RMA has been issued the replacement part will be shipped directly to the contractor at no charge.

NOTE 1: Arzel® technical support will advise if a defective part must be returned or if a field scrap authorization can occur. Arzel® no longer requires the defective part to be returned unless it is a Panel board, thermostat, or Evergreen motor.

NOTE 2: The warranty claim form for labor reimbursement is available to fill out directly on our website or to download as a PDF for faxing. Claim forms and parts (if applicable) must now be returned within 60 days of the RMA issue date, and payment will be issued within 30 days of parts received.