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Concept applied simply

Helped to install my first Arzel system on a large commercial project consisting of 9 zones serviced by 2 Airboss units and 2 new natural gas furnaces. As an apprentice, I was amazed at how simple this system was to put together. The decals provided to cut in the diaphragms, the colour coding of the air lines, the barbed hose fittings and the layout of the control board made everything easy to organize. Once the units were wired and all thermostats were operating independently, it was obvious to see on the control board who was calling for heat and at the end of the project we had several small business and offices that were happy to be warm coming into another Canadian winter. Arzel is a company that we appear to use quite frequently and in looking forward to working with it again on some upcoming residential projects.

Pictures from Tony’s Install

Tony Bell

Arzel Installer

thank you

We at Tanner Heating/ Air Conditioning and we would like to thank you for everything you do for us from answering the phones, providing marketing supplies to ordering parts and tech support. Again thank you all for we truly appreciate it.

Shane Wiget

Service Manager

great zoning system

been installing arzel zoning system for couple years now and love the simplicity and reliability of it, would recoment this system to anyone that needs a zoning system.

Alain Gingras

Arzel Installer




Google Reviews

Miriam Harris
Miriam Harris
Fabulous products and Fabulous costumer service to match it! They are ontop of their game! Arzel control systems saved us a lot of time and money. We have a happy homeowner and that's what counts. Wish we would've known about Arzel sooner.
Binyomin Schneck
Binyomin Schneck
Great product! Easy to use, reliable and most importantly it saves money!
DJ Carte
DJ Carte
Great Product
Benjamin Friedman
Benjamin Friedman
Best product in the industry! Tech support is outstanding!
Jim Bergmann
Jim Bergmann
Instantly, and I mean instantly corrects issues with hot and cold rooms, temperature differences between floors, and the need to heat and cool unused areas of the house. Simple, quiet and reliable.

Special Applications/Donations

Arzel Sponsor of Zoning System installed at the YMCA Dream Home 2019 in Willougby, Ohio!

We are proud to be a sponsor of the 2019 YMCA dream house in Willougby Hills – It has an Arzel zoning system installed to ensure the comfort we are known to provide. Check it out for yourself!

Thank you ProBuild Homes for the opportunity to donate one of our zoning systems, and thank you DK Heating & Sons, Inc. for installing!

Arzel installed at the St. Jude Dream Home in St. Louis, MO!

The St. Jude Dream Home in St. Louis, Missouri now has Arzel Zoning installed! Thank you Payne Family Homes for the opportunity to donate one of our zoning systems, and thank you Survant Heating & Air Conditioning for installing! #stjudedreamhome #hvaczoning