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The patented EzySlide® HVAC Zone dampers are available in over 70 stock sizes so it is easy to find the size and shape that best fits any application. If you don’t see the size or shape that will fit your application call your local distributor and have a custom size ordered.

Item ID Description
STK-ER0004 4″
STK-ER0005 5″
STK-ER0006 6″
STK-ER0007 7″
STK-ER0008 8″
STK-ER0009 9″
STK-ER0010 10″
STK-ER0012 12″
STK-ER0014 14″
The rectangular EzySlide® dampers have the mounting plate and actuator mounted on either the side or bottom of the damper. If the mounting plate and actuator is on the longer dimension the damper is referred to as a bottom-mount damper. If the mounting plate and actuator is on the shorter dimension the damper is referred to as a side-mount damper.
Rectangular – Bottom-Mount
Item ID Description Item ID Description Item ID Description
STKSB-E 8X10 8″ x 10″ STKSB-E 10X12 10″ x 12″ STKSB-E 12X14 12″ x 14″
STKSB-E 8X12 8″ x 12″ STKSB-E 10X14 10″ x 14″ STKSB-E 12X16 12″ x 16″
STKSB-E 8X14 8″ x 14″ STKSB-E 10X16 10″ x 16″ STKSB-E 12X18 12″ x 18″
STKSB-E 8X16 8″ x 16″ STKSB-E 10X18 10″ x 18″ STKSB-E 12X20 12″ x 20″
STKSB-E 8X18 8″ x 18″ STKSB-E 10X20 10″ x 20″ STKSB-E 12X22 12″ x 22″
STKSB-E 8X20 8″ x 20″ STKSB-E 10X22 10″ x 22″ STKSB-E 12X24 12″ x 24″
STKSB-E 8X22 8″ x 22″ STKSB-E 10X24 10″ x 24″ STKSB-E 12X26 12″ x 26″
STKSB-E 8X24 8″ x 24″ STKSB-E 10X26 10″ x 26″ STKSB-E 12X28 12″ x 28″
STKSB-E 8X26 8″ x 26″ STKSB-E 10X28 10″ x 28″ STKSB-E 12X30 12″ x 30″
STKSB-E 8X28 8″ x 28″ STKSB-E 10X30 10″ x 30″    
STKSB-E 8X30 8″ x 30″        
Rectangular – Side-Mount
Item ID Description Item ID Description Item ID Description
STKSS-E 8X8 8″ x 8″ STKSS-E 10X10 10″ x 10″ STKSS-E 12X12 12″ x 12″
STKSS-E 810 8″ x 10″ STKSS-E 10X12 10″ x 12″ STKSS-E 12X14 12″ x 14″
STKSS-E 8X12 8″ x 12″ STKSS-E 10X14 10″ x 14″ STKSS-E 12X16 12″ x 16″
STKSS-E 8X14 8″ x 14″ STKSS-E 10X16 10″ x 16″ STKSS-E 12X18 12″ x 18″
STKSS-E 8X16 8″ x 16″ STKSS-E 10X18 10″ x 18″ STKSS-E 12X20 12″ x 20″
STKSS-E 8X18 8″ x 18″ STKSS-E 10X20 10″ x 20″    
STKSS-E 8X20 8″ x 20″ STKSB-E 10X30 10″ x 30″    


The EzyFit® damper has a compact folded design which allows you to slip the damper through the register and once installed magnets set it firmly in place. Plenum rated tubing is then run through the duct work and attached to the damper.
Item ID Item Description

HVAC zone dampers


The Regi® damper is the answer when there is no access to the duct. It is installed in boot directly beneath the floor register.
Item ID Desc. Item ID Desc.
REG-2X10 2″ x 10″ REG-4X12 4″ x 12″
REG-2X12 2″ x 12″ REG-6X10 6″ x 10″
REG-4X10 4″ x 10″ REG-6X12 6″ x 12″

HVAC zone dampers


The Inserta® damper features a spring loaded belly band that holds it firmly in any type of round duct. This makes it a good fit for applications in which the main trunk is accessible but the take-off runs are not.
Item ID Desc. Item ID Desc.
INSRT-5 5″ INSRT-7 7″
INSRT-6 6″ INSRT-8 8″

HVAC zone dampers


The ModuPass® system works with variable speed motors and constantly monitors the static pressure in the trunk and adjusts to allow the prescribed amount of bypass air. The barometric bypass damper is an economical solution for non-variable speed blowers to overcome objectionable air noise.
Item ID Desc. Item ID Desc.
MOD-DMP08 8″ Damper Only MOD-BYP08 8″ Modulating Bypass Kit
MOD-DMP10 10″ Damper Only MOD-BYP10 10″ Modulating Bypass Kit
MOD-DMP12 12″ Damper Only MOD-BYP12 12″ Modulating Bypass Kit
MOD-DMP14 14″ Damper Only MOD-BYP14 14″ Modulating Bypass Kit
MOD-FDKIT Mod Bypass Kit (Field Install)
HVAC zone dampers


The BalancePro® is a fully adjustable balancing damper installed in the same manner as a standard EzySlide® damper. So when it’s time to upgrade to zoning, simply remove the BalancePro® dampers and install EzySlide® dampers and a control panel!
Item ID Desc. Item ID Desc.
STK-BALR5 5″ Balancing Damper STK-BALR8 8″ Balancing Damper
STK-BALR6 6″ Balancing Damper STK-BALR9 9″ Balancing Damper
STK-BALR7 7″ Balancing Damper STK-BALR10 10″ Balancing Damper
STK-BLAR12 12″ Balancing Damper


Item ID Desc. Item ID Desc.
STK-BLS08 8 X 8 Balancing Damper STK-BLS810 8 X 10 Balancing Damper
STK-BLS10 10 X 10 Balancing Damper STK-BLS812 8 X 12 Balancing Damper
STK-BLS12 12 X 12 Balancing Damper STK-BLS814 8 X 14 Balancing Damper

HVAC zone dampersHVAC zone dampers