About us

Who we are

For almost 40 years, Arzel® has been manufacturing and distributing the highest quality HVAC zoning equipment from our factory in Cleveland, Ohio. Our products offer superior quality and reliability, ease of installation, and the industry’s ONLY lifetime warranty. The company grew to the size it is today by using a simple philosophy: 

Offer a long-lasting product at a fair price that will improve comfort in a customer’s home or business.

Our objective is to help contractors be more efficient by providing outstanding technical support, training, and products that last. Our zoning solutions are designed for new construction and retrofit, residential and light commercial applications. Outstanding customer service, innovative products, and overall reliability are why so many contractors use only Arzel® Zoning systems.

Our Core Values

  1. Arzel® Zoning Technology is committed to leading the HVAC marketplace in Zone Control Technology. We are dedicated to providing state-of-the-art comfort control solutions which enhance indoor climates and provide for responsible energy stewardship through technology. We are committed to providing the most reliable and progressive solutions within the industry.
  2. We believe in building strong partnerships with our vendors, distribution partners, contractor customers and consumers. Our technology is “Solution Based” which means every Arzel® product is born in the field and developed for ease of installation and solves real problems. We are committed to listening and delivering focused technology.
  3. Arzel® employees are committed to quality, responsiveness, and customer service is our most important job. We are committed to education and the continued expansion of new control technologies to the HVAC Community.
  4. Arzel® is a positive, collaborative organization which encourages innovation and contribution from every level of the company. We are driven by a continuous improvement culture, which encourages challenges regarding design, performance, and application of our products.
  5. Arzel® is dedicated to providing a safe and secure workplace for employees, built on respect for individual growth and contribution. The success of Arzel® has been our ability to provide superior solutions to the HVAC industry while maintaining and growing the financial base of the company.
  6. Arzel® is committed to maintaining manufacturing strength and technical expertise in all operations. Arzel is proud to place the “Made in the USA” labels on its products.