Warranty and Product Information

Our goal at Arzel® Zoning is to ensure all of our customers receive the very best customer care, from the distributors who sell our products, to the contractors who install our products, and the home or business owners who use our products. We strive to provide the support necessary to make it easy to install and use our systems. We believe that continuous training is vital to the success of the contractors who install our systems so we provide various types of training for their convenience. At Arzel®, support doesn’t end with the sale. We offer outstanding technical support and the only lifetime warranty on parts in the zoning industry.

Product Registration

The Panel Serial number is located inside the panel on the bottom left side and starts with four letters followed by seven or eight numbers.


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Parts & Labor / RMA Process

Please submit a Parts & Labor Warranty Claim if the system was installed prior to January 1, 2013.


Lifetime Parts Warranty

Please submit a Lifetime Parts Warranty Claim if the system was installed after January 1, 2013.


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