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Available in PVC and Plenum

Item ID Item Description Item ID Item Description
PVC-BLUE Black w/ Blue stripe 200 ft. PLEN-BLUE Plenum Tubing 250 ft.
PVC-GREEN Black w/ Green stripe 200 ft. PLEN-GREEN Plenum Tubing 250 ft.
PVC-ORANGE Black w/ Orange stripe 200 ft. PLEN-ORANGE Plenum Tubing 250 ft.
PVC-PINK Black w/ Pink stripe 200 ft. PLEN-PINK Plenum Tubing 250 ft.
PVC-PURPLE Black w/ Purple stripe 200 ft. PLEN-PURPLE Plenum Tubing 250 ft.
PVC-RED Black w/ Red stripe 200 ft. PLEN-RED Plenum Tubing 250 ft.
PVC-WHITE Black w/ White stripe 200 ft. PLEN-WHITE Plenum Tubing 250 ft.
PVC-YELLOW Black w/ Yellow stripe 200 ft. PLEN-YELLOW Plenum Tubing 250 ft.
HVAC Zoning Tubing


Item ID Item Description
FIT-TC025 Black Coupling 4mm Barb QTY. 25
FIT-TE025 Black Elbow 4mm Barb QTY. 25
FIT-TP025 Black Plug 4mm Barb QTY. 25
FIT-TT025 Black Tee 4mm Barb QTY. 25
Zoned air conditioning system accessories


Item ID Item Description
PAN-ALONE Alone Zone Panel
PAN-ZVICTRL Zone Valve Control Panel (complete)
PAN-INTFAC Zone Interface Panel (Harmony, Water Furnace)
PAN-UNIPAS Universal ModuPass Panel
PAN-FRESH Fresh Air Control (factory install)

Zoned air conditioning system accessories

Replacement Parts

Circuit Boards

Item ID Item Description Item ID Item Description
PCB-00202 202 MPS PCB-HPP02 HeatPumPro 2 Zone
PCB-00203 203 MPS PCB-HPP03 HeatPumPro 3 Zone
PCB-02002 AirBoss 2 Zone PCB-HPP04 HeatPumPro 4 Zone
PCB-02003 AirBoss 3 Zone PCB-GTP02 GTPro 2 Zone
PCB-02004 AirBoss 4 Zone PCB-GTP03 GTPro 3 Zone
PCB-02006 AirBoss 6 Zone PCB-BTP04 GTPro 4 Zone
PCB-02008 AirBoss 8 Zone PCB-ZVIBD Zone Valve Control
PCB-FACT Fresh Air Control (field install)
Zoned air conditioning system accessories


Item ID Item Description Item ID Item Description
SEN-UPS12 LAT Sensor (AirBoss) PAN-SOLO5 Solenoid HPP, GTP, CM, AB6-8
SEN-RESPRO LAT/OAT Sensor (HPP) BYP-SWICH Auto Pressure Switch
SENS-COOLM CoolMizer Sensor TRANS-40VARS 24VAC 40VA plug-in (2-4 zone)
PMP-PUMP1 Panel Pump TRANS-100VA 24VAC 100VA hard-wired Transformer (6-8 zone)
PAN-SOLO4 Solenoid MPS, AB2-4 MOD-BYPAS Modulating Bypass Transmitter
PAN-FUSE2 MPS Panel fuse (2 amp) QTY 5

Zoned air conditioning system accessories

Tool & Spare Part Kits

Item ID Item Description
EZYHUB Air Distribution Reservoir
TOOL-AIRFLOW Airflow Indicator
TOOL-GUN Stapler
TOOL-RPKIT Spare Parts Kit
TOOL-SNKIT 90° Right & Left Snips
The Arzel Spare Parts Kit Includes:

  • Modulating Bypass Transmitter       
  • Airflow Indicator
  • 25: Couplings, Elbows, Plugs, & Ts
  • 5: 20 amp Fuses
  • Panel Pump
  • 12 Red Caps
  • 2 Sensors & 2 Solenoids
  • Transformer
tool kit


The Arzel Tool Kit Includes:

  • Duct Finder       
  • Airflow Indicator
  • Stapler
  • 2 Boxes of Staples
  • 200 Tees & Screws
  • 25: Elbows
  • Couplings
  • Plugs