MPS® Series

MPS® Series

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The MPS® series is designed for controlling single-stage, heat/cool, or heat pump equipment. It is a simple and straightforward zoning system ideal for both new construction and retrofit residential applications. It provides basic comfort control in two or three zone applications.

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Item ID Item Description
PAN-00202 MPS® 2-zone panel
PAN-00203 MPS® 3-zone panel


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  • Residential 2 or 3 zones
  • Retrofit or new construction applications
  • Used for single-stage equipment ONLY
  • Heat pump compatible


In Stock
  • Compatible with single-stage, dual fuel, heat pump, or high-velocity equipment
  • Compatible with any standard 24 vac thermostat
  • Equipped with single-stage outputs


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Frequently Asked Questions

While the Arzel® Zoning MPS® Series is only for use on single-stage equipment, it does not offer leaving air temperature protection. If the customer upgrades to two-stage equipment the MPS® panel cannot be used and a new panel, like the HeatPumPro®, would have to be installed. Consider using the HeatPumPro® if there is any chance the customer may upgrade equipment in the future.

Yes, all Arzel® Zoning panels are heat pump and dual fuel compatible, but heat pump stats must be used in all zones.

The MPS® Series is available in 2 or 3 zones only.