Comfort College & Comfort College Plus

Arzel’s Comfort College Plus

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September 26-27, 2019


This class will cover all of the ECM motors used in residential and light commercial HVAC for the last 30 years from the leader in ECM technology. The knowledge gained in this course will help all HVAC professionals gain the confidence and competence needed to discuss the benefits of, and install ECM driven systems to operate at peak performance and provide maximum comfort, as well as diagnose and service these systems if needed. The most significant advantage of this course is that it comes directly from the manufacturer of the ECM motor that is currently being used in almost all residential and light commercial HVAC systems including furnaces, air handlers, geothermal units and package systems. From theory to practical knowledge, it’s all here.

This course includes one day of Comfort College + One day of  training on ECM motors with a Certified Master ECM Trainer from:GenteqCMYK

ECM training begins on Thursday at 12:00 pm and ends approximately at 5:00 pm. 

Arzel will provide lunch and dinner on Thursday, breakfast, and lunch on Friday. Licensing fees and other support material will also be provided.

Please email for any additional information including pricing and available lodging.

Arzel’s Comfort College 

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October 25, 2019


Arzel’s Comfort College® training is designed as a lecture/lab training session. This course covers key zoning topics that are crucial to delivering superior comfort to your customers. In addition to classroom discussions, trainees receive hands-on experience in Arzel’s Zoning Installation Lab. Let our instructors provide you with simple and easy techniques to increase revenue AND saving time on installation today!

Covered Topics Include:

  • Recognizing zoning opportunities
  • Product familiarization
  • System design
  • Proper installation techniques
  • Sales & marketing tips

Friday’s Comfort College session starts at 8:00 am and ends approximately at 5:00 pm.

Arzel will provide breakfast, lunch, licensing fees and other support material.

Please email for any additional information including pricing and available lodging.

Training Course Registration Form

  • Options with 2 dates have an additional day of training on ECM motors by a Certified Master ECM Trainer from Genteq.
  • If additional seats are needed please provide their name and any additional information below. Example: John Smith
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