10 Reasons Why to Zone Multi-Stage, Variable Speed Equipment

Multi-Stage equipment and variable speed equipment are known for providing more consistent comfort throughout your customer’s home. The adaptability of their capacity usage to meet the heating and cooling demands offers significant energy savings and better efficiency. Multiple benefits arise when combined with zoning, making zoning multi-stage and variable speed equipment a no-brainer.

  1. Decreases HVAC energy usage: The system runs on a low stage most of the time as it only directs the amount of air needed, where it’s needed, and when it’s needed, which reduces the occurrence of high-cost and high-stage operation.
  2. Increases HVAC system effectiveness: By matching the correct amount of conditioned airflow with the amount of ductwork being served, the system is more effective at satisfying single-zone cycles with low stage blower cfm a majority of the run time.
  3. Improves system performance: Reduces the amount of second stage operation, which decreases the ramping up of the equipment.
  4. Customize operation: HVAC Professionals can configure staging settings based on demand (zone weight) and capacity (duct temperature) requirements.
  5. Maximize dehumidification: When utilizing a single-stage condenser with multi-stage blower, the system can provide many hours of dehumidification when serving zones effectively by operating on low stage blower and full capacity cooling.
  6. Eliminate energy-wasting bypass operation: CFM staging based on zone weighting (not temperature) provides the independent control of the blower output that gives the HVAC contractor a level of control required to prevent high stage air delivery unless sufficient duct capacity is available. This eliminates bypass usage with high stage blower operation.
  7. Enhanced comfort: Customize the operation of a heating & cooling system by engaging and directing the required amount of airflow needed to the areas that are difficult to condition.
  8. Energy management: Allowing the zone control panel to manage the HVAC equipment from its centralized perspective results in a more energy-wise comfort strategy.
  9. Optimal register velocity: The system maintains effective delivery of the conditioned air supplied to a room, reducing stratification. This staging strategy manages the operation of low and high-speed blowers to keep register velocity at adequate levels for the efficient delivery of BTUs.
  10. Effective solution: Homeowners who have multi-stage, variable speed equipment are typically looking for a solution to comfort and energy pain points. By adding zoning to the mix, you can ensure you are delivering a complete solution and exceeding their expectations.

Multi-Stage equipment and variable speed equipment set your customer up for better efficiency and energy savings out of their HVAC system by supplying the exact amount of airflow and heating/cooling their home requires. Offer the complete comfort package by optimizing the airflow delivery to every area of their house effectively with an Arzel Zoning System. Contact us for free help with application design, or schedule your One-on-One training to learn how simple Arzel Zoning systems are to install with multi-stage and variable speed equipment.

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