Eight Reasons Why Arzel® is your best HVAC Zoning Solution

1. EASY – Arzel®’s line of EzySlide dampers can typically be installed in less than 5 minutes, in 3 simple steps, making them perfect for retrofit. These dampers are available in branch sizes 4″ through 16″ and trunk sizes 8X8 through 12X28 in side and bottom-mounted configurations. The round EzySlide dampers have a sticker template that adheres to the sheet metal ductwork or sleeve. After a triangular slot is cut into the sheet metal duct, the damper is inserted and secured with just four sheet metal screws. The rectangular trunk dampers are installed by cutting a 5″ diagonal slot into the trunk line and inserting sheet metal screws into the damper mounting plate. That’s it! No running low voltage wires, just cut, fit and secure!

Retrofit zoning done right

2. RELIABLE – Arzel® stands behind our line of air-driven dampers by offering a limited lifetime warranty. You won’t find that on ANY mechanical damper system on the market today. Why? Because the motors, gears, and wiring connections on other motorized dampers can cause failure issues in a much shorter period than air-driven Arzel® damper with NO moving parts. No moving parts = Nothing to fail! I don’t like saying “no moving parts, because after all, the damper moves – maybe “simple mechanical movement”? Or – With just an air bladder and damper, the Arzel® system has fewer parts that can fail – and we’re so sure of our superior, made in the USA, construction that we’ll stand behind it now and down the road.

3. FLEXIBLE – Arzel® offers a damper size and style for almost any HVAC application you might find yourself in. Given that Arzel® dampers aren’t dependent on a large, heavy motor to operate, we have much more flexibility in designing our dampers, meaning more sizes and styles are readily available for you. Arzel® also offers dampers for when you don’t have access to ductwork – products such as our Ezy-Fit, Regi damper, and Inserta damper make retrofit zoning a simple job.

4. QUIET – Arzel® dampers are the quietest dampers on the market. Since no motors are attached to Arzel® dampers, no noise is generated by the dampers’ opening and closing motion – a common complaint of mechanical damper systems. Air-driven dampers are quieter, making branch dampering easier and more effective.

5. AFFORDABLE – Arzel® makes retrofit zoning affordable with our line of Ezy-Slide dampers. Since there are no costly motors to contend with, our EzySlide dampers are typically up to 50% less than their mechanical counterparts. Installation materials are also less – no transformers are necessary for dampers, and when the branch dampens, those transformers can add up. With Arzel®, you just run tubing instead of low voltage wire – one roll of 200ft PVC tubing is roughly $22 to the contractor – wire is about 2 to 3 times that amount depending on the current rates of copper. Significant savings – not just on the dampers but also on the installation materials and labor time.

6. CUSTOM OPTIONS – Arzel® offers a quick turnaround time for custom dampers and control panels. Do you need a damper size that isn’t considered “stock”? No problem! Arzel® manufactures custom dampers within 24 hours, allowing you to complete your job quickly. Same with custom panel configurations. With US manufacturing and our responsive customer support, Arzel® can build and ship any custom panel configurations required for your application.

7. TECHNICAL SUPPORT – Arzel® offers unsurpassed technical support in all aspects of our product line. LIVE technical support is available from 8 AM-9 PM EST Monday through Sunday – we pride ourselves on having support readily available to get you on quickly and off the phone. And if you sign up for our contractor portal, you can gain 24/7/365 access to training, support materials, and more.

8. 100% COMFORT GUARANTEE – Homeowner on the fence on the HVAC zoning solution you’re quoting? Seal the deal by offering your homeowner Arzel®’s 100% Comfort Guarantee! The 100% Comfort Guarantee states that if the homeowner is unsatisfied with their Arzel® system after it’s been installed and running for one year, Arzel® will buy the materials back from the installing contractor. What better way to make a sale than not just warranty the parts of a product but guarantee that the product will satisfy the customer’s comfort issues?

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