Custom HVAC Zoning Applications: Benefits of Arzel Zoning

If you’re an HVAC contractor looking to design a custom HVAC system for a unique application, Arzel® zoning systems are an excellent choice. By taking advantage of the unique features and benefits Arzel offers, you can design an HVAC system tailored to your customer’s specific needs. Here are some of the possibilities, and steps you should take when designing a custom HVAC system with Arzel Zoning.

Why is Arzel Zoning ideal for a custom design application?

For many HVAC contractors, customizing a house layout or specific area to meet the needs of their customers’ comfort expectations might sound like a challenge. With Arzel Zoning Systems, we make it easy. We offer a variety of balancing dampers to fit any ductwork design.

The Arzel EzyFit® damper has a compact folded design that allows for installation in even the tightest spaces, and magnets hold it firmly in place. The Inserta® damper has a spring-loaded belly band that holds firmly in any rigid round duct whether metallic or plastic. These dampers are ideal for custom retrofit applications without having to worry about removing any drywall.

Arzel also offers several HVAC Zoning panels to provide even greater customization options.

The Alone zone panel allows for over-conditioning protection based on LAT (leaving air temperature) and 24VAC thermostat calls. The ZVI panel (Zone Valve Interface) interfaces with some OEM Zone panels or combines hydronic and forced air. And the FACT board (Fresh Air Control Technology) offers alone zone operation and make-up air for exhaust fans.

Combining these panels into one custom panel for a particular application allows excellent versatility. It makes unique HVAC zoning applications such as smoke rooms, kitchen exhaust fans, wood fire boilers, forced air and hydronic combos, and secondary pump control a simple and easy-to-install process.

What to keep in mind when designing a custom application

When designing a custom HVAC application with Arzel Zoning, it’s essential to consider how the layout of the home or building may impact the job. This means doing a manual J calculation to properly size the system for the space, along with a home performance assessment. This can include a blower performance test, and indoor air quality analysis.

Additionally, the ductwork should be designed to ensure that it meets all codes and runs efficiently. This can include airflow testing and an analysis of the ductwork design. Make sure to use balancing dampers such as Arzel BalancePro® dampers when designing the system so that you can easily adjust airflow as needed. Furthermore, paying attention to house layout when designing the job is essential, as this will help ensure that the system is appropriately zoned and effective.

The Advantages of Arzel Zoning System Design

Arzel Zoning Systems offer unique features and benefits that make it an ideal choice for customized applications. One of the main advantages of Arzel Zoning Systems is their flexibility. We can build a custom HVAC Zoning panel, and our pneumatic dampers can also be made in custom sizes. Additionally, we offer quick turnaround times, with many orders being shipped within one business day. This allows you to create a zoning system to match the custom needs of your customers unique application perfectly.

Another advantage of Arzel Zoning System Design is our technical support team. We provide technical support Monday through Sunday from 8am–9pm EST, so you can get help designing your custom HVAC application. Our experienced team can answer any questions about ductwork design or other custom needs.

Finally, Arzel Zoning Systems come with a limited lifetime warranty and 100% comfort guarantee. You can rest assured that you’re providing your customers with the highest quality HVAC zoning system. For these reasons, Arzel Zoning Systems are the ideal choice for creating customized HVAC applications. With balancing damper sizes, quick turnaround times, expert technical support, and a 100% comfort guarantee, you can rest assured that your customers will get the perfect airflow for their custom area needs.

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