Cy, Arzel’s Test Cycle Damper celebrates a BIG milestone

Arzel’s Test Damper Just Reached 20 Million Cycles!

The Arzel Test Cycle Damper just reached 20 million cycles! As we celebrate our damper, affectionately known as Cy, we can’t help but reflect on nearly 40 years in the zoning manufacturing industry. We are grateful we are for the continued support and collaboration from the HVAC industry as a whole. And we are just as sure as ever that pneumatic zoning is the way to go.

One of the most frequent questions we get is, why pneumatic?

The results speak for themselves.

2,000 Years’ Worth of Damper Cycling

It doesn’t seem so long ago when Cy hit 10 Million cycles in 2012, representing over 1,000 years of real-life zoning operation (The average zoning damper goes through 10,000 cycles per year). Just this past week, Cy surpassed 20 Million cycles, resembling over 2,000 years of operation! That’s why we are so proud to share this milestone.

Beyond Reliability

Pneumatic dampers are not only unsurpassed in reliability, but they also guarantee a noise-free operation. That’s because no motors or gears are used for damper articulation. Arzel Zoning contractors can utilize up to 35 dampers, and mix and match any style to achieve the desired result. And all of that is possible with no ductwork modification needed.

Flexible Design Makes Many Projects Possible

Additionally, our unique internal mount damper designs give contractors the flexibility they need to add zoning to homes with some ductwork issues. For example, zoning can now be added to homes with concrete slab or inaccessible ductwork, to name just a few situations where our internal mount dampers make zoning possible.

One Last Word on Cy’s Achievement

With the 20,000,000th cycle under its belt, our test cycle damper shows no signs of slowing down. We look forward to watching Cy break its cycling records for years to come. And we think of all the quietly cycling dampers that we have produced over the past 40 years. We know they are good to go for much longer.

Are you still asking, why pneumatic? We’ll say it again: Arzel’s test damper just reached 20 million cycles. That’s the equivalent of 2,000 years of operation. That reliability is why we choose pneumatic zoning, again and again.

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