HVAC Contractors: 6 Ways to Beat the Competition

Consider this real-world math story problem:

According to recent US Census data, there are about 122 million existing homes in the U.S. HVAC Zoning is only offered 24% of the time to homeowners. About 73% of homeowners have reported they experience comfort issues year-round.

How many zoning opportunities are you missing each year?

These numbers show just how great the opportunity for HVAC zoning is for your business. Now, consider how many of your competitors are missing out on this same opportunity.

Seeing dollar signs yet?

When you offer zoning, you are positioning your business as the leader and comfort expert in your market. Today’s homeowners spend a lot of time researching before purchasing home improvement products. These homeowners are much better prepared to buy accessory options and expect their HVAC contractor is well-versed to discuss and recommend the latest, innovative HVAC solutions for their home.

1. Talk to your customer

Before pushing products on your customer, sit down and LISTEN to what concerns they have about their heating and air conditioning system.

2. Complete a comfort analysis

Most homeowners are not aware that common comfort problems can be corrected with zoning as it is not a commonly offered solution. Survey your customer by asking them about too hot or too cold spots or other discomforts they experience with their HVAC system.

3. Don’t forget the bonus rooms

Poorly designed or insufficient duct work can be a common cause of uncomfortable spaces, like bonus rooms. In most cases, when the duct work is not fixable, zoning can overcome the design issues and improve airflow to troublesome areas.

Bonus rooms are a common site of insufficient duct work as they are added to the original floor plan after the home was built and placed above unconditioned spaces like a garage. Furthermore, the duct work run to the room is usually less than what is needed and typically farthest away from the equipment. This makes it a seemingly impossible comfortable challenge.

With zoning, you are able to shut off air flow to certain areas in order to direct more to the difficult-to-condition spaces. When other zones are shut off, the system drives more airflow to the space, overcoming the longer distance and insufficient runs. When you are on your next service call, take note of new additions or parts of the home that may have long or insufficient runs.

Ask your customer what they would like to use those spaces for and if those rooms are frequently too hot or too cold. Perform a comfort analysis of their home and go over your findings with them. Most homeowners do not realize they can correct the comfort issues they face in their home and will be more than willing to discuss the option of HVAC zoning.

4. Promote it

As the statistics show, zoning is offered at a very low rate. This means your competitors are not offering it as one of their solutions.

Every contractor offers the standard equipment, but by being the only one in the area that has a complete solution set for common comfort problems, you will differentiate yourself from others quickly and grow your reputation for being a full-service, full-solution HVAC comfort company.

Utilize yard signs, postcards, and other localized marketing activities next to digital marketing to promote your unique offerings.

5. Share the information

Even McDonald’s shared its recipe for their famous “secret sauce”. Don’t be afraid to put the information you know out to your customers for fear your competitors will “steal” it. Start posting the solutions you offer on your website and social media networks.

The simple fact is, if they wanted to use your methods as their own, they can and will. The difference is, that you are the first one out there providing a full set of solutions, and the outstanding service you provide will keep your customers coming back for your version of the special sauce.

6. Get the Right Training

By staying current on the latest comfort solutions, you will maintain credibility as the homeowner’s resource for all their heating and cooling needs. Be sure to check out our virtual and in-house training opportunities, or schedule a free webinar with one of our technical zoning experts on your own time to learn how simple it is to install zoning and what long-lasting benefits they provide to your customer’s home.

Once one homeowner in a neighborhood experiences the immediate benefits of zoning, they will share their comfort story with others. You want to be the contractor in town who they recommend and is their go-to resource for the latest and greatest HVAC products, like HVAC zoning.

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