Unlocking Your Potential: HVAC Contractor Training Opportunities at Arzel Zoning

We take care to offer a variety of excellent HVAC contractor training opportunities at Arzel Zoning, because we know that the contractors who install and service Arzel Zoning systems are an important part of our success. We want to be a part of what makes you successful too. The more you know about zoning, the more comfortable and satisfied your customers will be. You might also need credit hours to renew your HVAC contractor license. So take a look at our training options and sign up for one today!

Training at Arzel’s Cleveland Lab

The best way to gain an in-depth knowledge of HVAC zoning is to spend a day at Comfort College®, in our Cleveland, Ohio training facility. Our knowledgeable facilitators spent years in the field, and now provide tech support here at Arzel. With those credentials, you can be sure this HVAC contractor training is practical, detailed, and focused on the things you care about.

Comfort College begins with “How to Sell Zoning.” We know that even if you understand why HVAC zoning is a great investment, it can be tricky to explain that to homeowners. We’ll share what works for other contractors so you have a good place to start.

Of course, this is HVAC contractor training, so we will spend most of the day on technical topics like application design, system components, airflow dynamics, bypass theory, and more. You’ll leave knowing how to sell, design, install, and troubleshoot Arzel Zoning systems. We won’t get into advanced troubleshooting or system design in this training, however.

If you need continuing education units to renew your HVAC contractor license, Comfort College is a great place to get 10 CEUs in one day. It’s approved for 10 Ohio (OCILB) and 10 NATE credit hours.

On-Site Training

We’ll also come to you! We offer on-site training, typically for groups of 10-15 people. You can mix-and-match topics to create a training session that’s tailored to your group. Create your own HVAC contractor training session focused on zoning system design and bypass, or choose to focus on multi-stage equipment or HeatPumPro zone weighting. We’ll work with you to develop a training that works for your group.

On-site training always begins with a product overview that familiarizes your group with the HVAC zoning products Arzel makes. After that, you an add as many other topics as you have time for. On-site training sessions are a minimum of two hours, and can be as long as a full day.

With on-site training, you still get the competence of our best facilitators. These trainers have years of experience in the field, have a deep knowledge of Arzel Zoning products, and are willing to answer all of your questions.

Some on-site courses are approved for credit through OCILB and NATE. Let us know if you need to renew your HVAC contractor license, and we’ll be sure to design a schedule of classes that are approved for CEUs through OCILB or NATE.


Looking for quick, convenient HVAC contractor training? One of our webinars might fit your team’s needs. We offer a variety of webinar topics ranging from 15 to 45 minutes in length. You can request a webinar on recognizing zoning opportunities, how the HeatPumPro® works with heat pumps, or the basics of installation. There are also a wide variety of other topics available, and we’re happy to create customized content to fit your needs too.

Our webinars have a live facilitator who can answer your questions. In fact, webinars are led by the same people who handle our other training opportunities. These trainers have years of experience in the field and they approach training from a practical standpoint.

Webinars are so quick and convenient, we’ll understand if you want to sign up for them again and again. The only time you won’t want a webinar is when you need to renew your HVAC contractor license, because our webinars are not approved for CEUs.

Self-Service Training

Maybe you’re interested in HVAC contractor training but you want to learn at your own pace. That’s fine by us! In a few easy steps, you’ll be doing just that with our self-service training.

  1. Create an account on our Pro Portal. We will need to approve your account, since this tool is only for HVAC professionals. Generally we approve accounts quickly during business hours, so if you’re waiting for us, call or email and we’ll get you approved ASAP.
  2. Log in to the Pro Portal and select the Video and Recording Center button.
  3. Choose from a variety of videos including damper installation demo, forced-air hydronics, custom applications, and much more.

Our self-service training is a great way to find out more about a topic quickly. All of the videos in our library were created by skilled zoning professionals, so you can trust the information in them just like you would in an in-person training. And the nice thing about a video is that you can go back to it again later if you forget some details.

Something for Everyone

We pride ourselves on offering a variety of training options because we want HVAC contractors to be knowledgeable about Arzel Zoning products. Hopefully you’ll find what you need here, whether you opt for in-person training or virtual training. You can spend the day here in Cleveland at Comfort College, or have us come to you for on-site training. If virtual training is more your speed, you might try a quick webinar. You can also choose to learn at your own speed with our self-service training.

We think we have something for everyone, and our Google reviews agree! Here are just a sample of what people have said about our training:

  • “Strongly recommend this class to any HVAC contractor.”
  • “A product built on solid airflow principles and a presenter who knows what he’s talking about, this is great training.”
  • “Had an amazing experience attending my first Arzel Zoning Comfort College!”
  • “The Arzel training is very informative and the training lab is top notch. Would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for more solutions for their customers.”

Sign up for HVAC contractor training at Arzel today!

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