HVAC Zoning, the Easy Way: Use our Pro Portal

We’re proud of our professional portal at Arzel. We want it to make your job easier, whether you’re an HVAC technician, distributor, or sales rep. If it’s not doing that yet, this is the article for you. We’ll talk about how to find what you need, shine a spotlight on some great resources, and tell you why we think it can make your business stronger. This is how you can install HVAC zoning the easy way.

Using the Portal

When you log in, you’ll see three tabs at the top. The Marketing tab has literature you can share with homeowners. In the Technical section, you’ll find installation manuals, wiring diagrams, spec sheets, and other documentation. The Video & Recording section contains video demonstrations and recordings of training we’ve done in the past. Here’s what you can do with each section:

Marketing Resources

Come to this tab when you’re explaining a zoning system to a homeowner. You might want to start with the Homeowner Brochure, which explains the basics of HVAC zoning in a non-technical way. There’s also a specific brochure for each panel. You can probably explain zoning without these brochures, but why not let us do some of the work for you? Many homeowners also appreciate having a brochure in their hands so they don’t have to remember everything you said to them.

Another great tool is the Comfort Assessment Worksheet. Use it to have a conversation with homeowners about their comfort needs. Many times, people don’t realize their comfort issues are solvable. Going through this checklist helps to identify the comfort problems in a home.

Don’t miss the Literature Request Form! You can use this form to request printed copies of brochures and other marketing resources. We’re happy to ship these to you free of charge, except for a few large items intended for store display.

Technical Support Section

If you’ve worked with Arzel before, you probably know that our tech support pros are reliable, knowledgeable, and available when you call. They often send HVAC technicians to the technical section of the pro portal at Arzel. In this area, you can find manuals, troubleshooting information, and wiring diagrams. Use the “type” dropdown menu to narrow down the list and help you find what you need. You can also use “topic” to choose a specific product, and then you will only see documents about that product.

We highly recommend looking at the installation manual for a product before you install. It can prevent lots of common issues that we talk about in this blog. Since they are all in the portal, you always know where to find them. There are also installation manuals for some obsolete products available, just in case you are troubleshooting an older system.

You’ll also find troubleshooting guides in the Technical section. Use these to diagnose a problem quicker. There are troubleshooting resources for pumps and sensors, along with panels. These resources can make your life a lot easier when you’re on a job site and don’t know what the next step should be.

Video & Recording Center

Sometimes it’s easier to understand something when you see it. The only thing better than getting our tech support on the phone is being able to see what they’re talking about. This section has videos that explain specific topics, like installation basics or low voltage troubleshooting. There are also recordings of previous trainings. Here’s a spotlight on two videos that we recommend.

Installation Basics

This is a great place to start if you’re new to Arzel. It’s also a helpful refresher whenever you need one. Jason talks about the important concepts in installation, with a visual demonstration of each one. It includes where to mount the panel, how to install the dampers, and how to install the tubing that connects the dampers to the panel.

Zoning Comparison

This video explains where zoning is a good fit – and where it’s not. Helpful for any HVAC technician, this one is especially good when you’re trying to help homeowners decide between options. It compares ductless mini-splits, multiple systems, and zoning. Joel talks about the pros and cons of each solution. Watching this video can help you to be more knowledgeable about which solution will work best in a building.

How to Access the Professional Portal

To access the portal, you need to be an HVAC contractor or other professional (distributor, sales rep, etc.) in the industry. That’s because it contains technical information intended for HVAC professionals.

It’s easy to sign up! Just fill out a form, and we’ll approve you the same day during business hours, or the next business day if you sign up when we’re out of the office. Make your life easier when you use the professional portal at Arzel.

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