Geothermal Zoning

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GTPro offers customized comfort control while maximizing the efficiency of geothermal units. It provides built-in controls for several different staging parameters, allowing for more precise management to save time, money, and energy. The software-based technology behind the GTPro is extremely user-friendly.

The ground loop temperature sensor monitors the ground loop temperature ensuring the proper function of the system. The loop monitoring allows for more aggressive staging when the loop temperature starts to reach a critical point. The system will stage up based on the temperature of the ground loop, keeping it at an acceptable level for maximum efficiency.

The GTPro is perfect for both new construction and retrofit applications, combining the most reliable, easiest-to-install zoning systems with the energy efficiency of geothermal units.

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Item ID Item Description
PAN-GTP02 GTPro® 2-zone panel
PAN-GTP03 GTPro® 3-zone panel
PAN-GTP04 GTPro® 4-zone panel


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  • Residential & light commercial four zones or less
  • Retrofit or new construction
  • Single or multi-stage equipment
  • Variable speed
  • Package geothermal
  • Split system geothermal


In Stock
  • Ground loop temperature
  • Outdoor Air Temperature (OAT) sensor
  • Leaving Air Temperature (LAT) sensor
  • Programmable low voltage auxiliary relay
  • Advanced humidification features
  • Optional staging timers
  • Customizable staging options


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Frequently Asked Questions

The third sensor is a temperature sensor which can be assigned for multiple uses but is intended for loop temperature monitoring.

You are now able to make staging decisions based on loop temp and your jobs needs.

The GTPro not only has the addition of the third sensor but offers far more programming options to allow you to have more control over how you want the staging to behave whether it be based on time, loop temp or a combination of both.