Top 10 Residential Economizer Applications

Fresh air technology like the Arzel® CoolMizer make for a great addition for residential and light commercial HVAC systems. Do you know the top 10 residential economizer applications?

First, it’s important to know that economizers can be a solution for customer comfort, air quality challenges, and energy savings. The opportunities for economizers are not as well known as they are for other add-on products. That means they are worth exploring with clients. Here are the top 10 residential economizer applications.

1. Newer or recently insulated homes

These homes strive to be airtight to reduce heat/cooling loss, making the home’s air stuffy and stale. An economizer solution with fresh air capabilities can provide controlled and free fresh air with the ability to cool the space with outdoor air when conditions are favorable.

2. Existing IAQ products

For consumers conscious of indoor air health, the ventilation function on the economizer dilutes and expels harmful VOCs, odors, and other off-gases, along with reducing the presence of allergens when paired with a media filter and UV lights or other IAQ products

3. Homes with large entertainment spaces

These areas may not have windows or sizeable unused spaces and can become stuffy or hot/cold air traps, even when occupied. Also, An effective economizer with built-in fresh air can help introduce fresh air to dilute these spaces while still utilizing extreme temperature lockouts to prevent air intrusion when conditions are not favorable.

4. Three-season rooms

These areas typically have more sun exposure and are smaller rooms built off the main home structure causing comfort and ventilation challenges. Economizers can help condition these rooms and the rest of the house without frequently engaging the primary air handler.

5. Security concerns

Consumers have concerns about leaving windows open for fresh air, especially at night or when the home is unoccupied. CoolMizer allows for the introduction of fresh air without the need for opening any windows.

6. Families with young children

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission reports there is a dramatic increase during warmer temperatures of injuries and fatalities in young children due to falls through opened windows. Introducing fresh air through an economizer can reduce this risk, while also equalizing temperatures.

7. Townhomes/condos

These homes typically share wall spaces and experience minimum or no heat loss. With these types of homes, the need for fresh air is even more prevalent due to the lack of protruding air from outside the conditioned space.

8. Large, fixed glass exposure

Rooms with large glass exposure can suffer from sunlight coming in through the windows heating up the room past a comfortable temperature. Opening the windows may not be an option if the outside is noisy, the occupants have allergy problems, or the windows are fixed panes and can’t be opened.

The CoolMizer, when paired with HVAC zoning helps to keep these areas comfortable using that cool fresh air from outside while removing allergens through your HVAC filters saving energy by not running the central Air Conditioner.

9. Pets

Pet dander is a common allergen in the home and can be diluted with the continual ventilation and air circulation an economizer provides.

10. South & Southwest regions

Cool, dry nights supply plenty of air to provide free conditioning, reducing the expense of operating condenser.

In today’s market, consumers are looking for HVAC home comfort solutions that are responsive to their lifestyle but can also increase efficiency and be used with their existing systems. You are their informational source having a unique opportunity to provide comfort and smart energy management options they may not be aware of with an easy economizer solution.

Want to learn more? Schedule a free webinar today to learn how the Coolmizer can help you boost your business this fall season.

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