What Makes the Arzel CoolMizer so Cool?

The Arzel CoolMizer is a stand-alone ventilation control system that delivers the power of commercial economizers to the residential and light commercial markets. It has been designed specifically for residential, light commercial, and split system HVAC units, all while keeping you, the Arzel contractor, in mind.

The Arzel CoolMizer operates as an intelligent, fresh air intake improving indoor air quality (IAQ) by supplying a portion of the air from the outside, diluting and expelling volatile organic compounds (VOCs), odors, dust, and many other indoor pollutants and allergens. Installing the Arzel CoolMizer in combination with a MERV-12 filter can help reduce bacteria and viruses such as COVID-19 lingering in the air to provide your customer with healthy, fresh, and clean indoor air inside.

The first turn-key ventilation control system does not require piece-by-piece engineering by contractors. The CoolMizer features built-in sensors and power transformers that measure outdoor temperature and humidity, allowing for control based upon fully customizable decision points. It can also control the damper(s) based on time.

Since Arzel CoolMizer dampers are air-driven, they are easy to install and ultra-reliable. The dampers are unique dual-function dampers that either pull in a small amount of fresh air in ventilation mode or pull in a large amount of fresh air in economizer mode to provide free cooling or heating if outdoor conditions permit. Free cooling? Take a look at Palm Springs, CA, in June, for example. The average daytime high temperature is 104℉, while the average low temperature is 64℉. If the thermostat calls for cooling in the evening because of trapped heat or internal load, there is no sense in mechanical cooling. It would be better to bring the cooler outside air inside and provide free cooling for your customer.

The easy-to-use set-up wizard seamlessly guides Arzel contractors through the implementation and configuration of the control parameters, which are not limited to one of 5 static “profiles.” Once the parameters that are right for the climate and the customer are defined, the Arzel CoolMizer will automatically execute and deliver adequate fresh air service. The easy-to-use push-in terminals also make the wiring a snap. All that is needed to complete the installation is the properly sized damper intake done quickly using the Arzel CoolMizer’s design guidelines and a roll of air tubing. Once installed, no maintenance is required, but changes can be accomplished very simply through the set-up wizard.

Installation is easy:
1) Mount the panel on the wall.
2) Route Zone control panel or thermostat wires to the CoolMizer Panel inputs and the CoolMizer outputs to the HVAC Equipment.
3) Install CoolMizer damper(s) into a Fresh-Air Intake and route the control tubing back to the CoolMizer Panel.
4) Run the Setup Wizard to configure the operational parameters.

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