CoolMizer: Energy Efficiency for Residential HVAC Systems

Homeowners want their HVAC systems to improve indoor air quality and reduce energy bills. At the same time, they have comfort expectations. They want their HVAC system to maintain or even improve their comfort at the same time as it saves them money. As an HVAC professional, you now have a product proven to provide healthier, more energy-efficient comfort with the Arzel Zoning CoolMizer system. This energy efficient residential HVAC economizer is award-winning for a reason.

CoolMizer is the first all-in-one, Economizer/Fresh Air Intake system designed for residential and light commercial split systems. CoolMizer brings in fresh, outdoor air for two important reasons. It provides ventilation, and it conditions the air for “free” when the temperature and humidity are right.

What is an HVAC Economizer?

The CoolMizer® economizer from Arzel is a device that selectively introduces outdoor air into any ducted heating and/or cooling system. When it’s too warm inside, it exchanges the warm inside air with cooler air from outside. Or, it does the opposite: bringing in warm air when the inside temperature is cooler than you want. Sensors tell CoolMizer when outside conditions reach an accepted range for temperature and humidity. Then it swings into action, providing free air conditioning.

The CoolMizer works by using the HVAC system’s blower to draw air from outside through an opening controlled by dampers. This air is then distributed through the duct system. It can perform this activity for heating or cooling purposes. When outside conditions are unfavorable, dampers close and regular action is resumed. Its mechanical action and reliance on outside air conditions help conserve action from a chiller or compressor. This activity helps lower energy consumption.

Benefits of an Energy Efficient Residential HVAC Economizer

Homeowners can now minimize their energy usage. That’s because the CoolMizer reduces the compressor’s run time by utilizing the benefits of fresh outdoor air.  And it doesn’t just work in one region. CoolMizer is useable nationwide as different regions experience various comfort challenges. Every region has seasonal conditions that result in outside air being more comfortable than inside air. Instead of using the HVAC equipment to heat or cool, bring in outside air with the CoolMizer.

Increases indoor air quality & decreases energy usage

In addition to decreasing energy usage, CoolMizer increases indoor air quality by continually bringing in fresh air when pre-set conditions are met.

Many homes are built or have been retrofitted to be “airtight.” Homeowners may experience a decrease in their indoor air quality in these homes. In these cases, it’s important to bring in outdoor air to maintain indoor air quality.

Improved ventilation and cleaner air

CoolMizer improves ventilation to provide cleaner, fresher air around the clock. It dilutes and expels harmful VOCs, odors, and other contaminants. The CoolMizer can be integrated into bathroom and kitchen fans to better rid homes of stagnant air and unpleasant odors. It also reduces carbon emissions by not burning any fossil fuels or using extra electricity to run.

CoolMizer delivers both ventilation and free conditioning by selectively introducing outdoor air with any ducted heating and cooling system. Utilizing the system’s blower, the air is drawn into the home through an opening controlled by Arzel’s retrofit-friendly dampers and distributed through the duct system.

This can be accomplished with two separate dampers, one large for free conditioning and one smaller for ventilation, or the patented Arzel Damper2 technology. Damper2 technology is the only dual-purpose damper designed to provide both the benefits of free air conditioning and ventilation. This innovative damper is two dampers in one, each controlled individually as required.

Easy configuration and setup

The CoolMizer is ideal for retrofit or new construction forced-air applications, and configuration is simple with an easy-to-read LCD screen and set-up wizard. It can also be integrated with an Arzel zoning system for more customized control of the airflow.

The Importance of Energy Savings

A more efficient HVAC system saves energy. That translates into cost savings by significantly reducing the energy bills associated with heating or cooling a home or building. Since This HVAC systems account for a significant portion of the energy usage in many homes, saving energy in this area makes a big impact. Energy reduction also reduces emissions of greenhouse gases and other pollutants associated with energy production.

Finally, an energy-efficient HVAC system typically provides a longer lifespan than a less efficient system. That’s because it doesn’t cycle as often or work as hard. This reduces maintenance needs and stretches out the timeframe for potential system replacements.

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