CoolMizer® delivers ventilation air or FREE conditioning by selectively introducing outdoor air into any ducted heating and/or cooling system. Utilizing the system’s blower, air is drawn into the home through an opening controlled by Arzel dampers and distributed through the duct system.

The introduction of either ventilation air or free conditioning air is based upon temperature and humidity parameters for each mode. When the system is serving a heating or cooling call and conditions are favorable, the system holds off mechanical conditioning and opens dampers to the outside. If it receives a second-stage call, it will bring the mechanical system on at its lowest operating mode to “assist” the outside air.

If conditions become unfavorable then the system closes the dampers and goes back to normal mechanical service. Any call that is served by the HVAC equipment must satisfy before the CoolMizer® will interrupt again, so the system will not jump back and forth.

For maximum comfort and energy efficiency add an Arzel Zoning system to the CoolMizer®. It is always in stock!

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CoolMizer HVAC Makers
Item ID Item Description
PAN-COOLM CoolMizer® panel


  • LCD display
  • Outdoor Air Temperature (OAT) sensor
  • Humidity sensor
  • Fresh air and economizer functions
  • Easy to use lever style terminals


Flexible Addition

The CoolMizer® is a stand-alone, add-on economizer for split-system, forced air, heating and/or cooling units. It gives you an easy way to add an economizer HVAC to residential units, whether they are installed in an actual residence or a commercial location.

Simplicity & Reliability

The CoolMizer® is the only economizer compatible with Arzel’s® quiet and reliable air-driven dampers. It is also the only system in the industry covered by a lifetime warranty, giving you peace-of-mind, knowing that you are installing the most reliable HVAC economizer in the industry.

Easy Programmability

The CoolMizer® allows you to select settings for introducing fresh air based on outdoor temperature and humidity levels. The large LCD screen and step-by-step instructions make set-up quick and easy, saving you time and money.

Versatile Options

The CoolMizer® not only delivers free conditioning when outdoor conditions are favorable but also provides ventilation on demand. The panel can be hooked up to an external switch, timer, carbon monoxide detector, or relay, allowing a homeowner to ventilate an area no matter what the outdoor conditions. These options make the CoolMizer® an easy sell to a homeowner wanting to improve comfort and indoor air quality.

CoolMizer Frequently Asked Questions

What is CoolMizer®?

It’s an easy way to install Economizer function to residential and light commercial equipment for free heating and cooling. We developed this product with today’s tighter and well insulated homes in mind that develop cooling or loads on mild days and in multi-level structures were lower level zones require heat on warmer days.

Do I have to install zoning to use CoolMizer®?

The CoolMizer® works well with or without zoning, although zoning does offer more control of the free conditioning to areas where it’s needed, when it’s needed.

Does the CoolMizer® come with a temperature and humidity sensor?

Yes, the CoolMizer® comes complete with everything needed for installation except dampers.

How do I design a CoolMizer® job?

Click on the button below and submit a request for an Arzel expert from our technical support department. They will assist you with damper selection, sizing, and other installation specifications.

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