CoolMizer Adds Fresh Air and Adds to Your Bottom Line

The Addition of fresh air to a home is a concern for your customers. Increasingly health-conscious consumers will be aware of the guidance from organizations like the American Lung Association regarding the importance of proper ventilation. And of course, proper fresh air introduction is just the right way to do business, with guidelines like ASHRAE 62.1-2019 laying out just how often an adequately constructed system should change over a building’s air.

But how to manage that change over? It can seem as though there are as many solutions as there are techs in the field. But any solution has to balance the need for fresh air with not overtaxing the HVAC system by introducing humid air or air that is of a radically different temperature, causing excessive adjustment.

Enter CoolMizer from Arzel Zoning,

CoolMizer works smart, delivering ventilation air or free conditioning by selectively introducing outdoor air to a home’s system.

What does selectively introducing mean?

Add to that the fact that CoolMizer works with our without an existing zoning system, that it allows you to easily program your service parameter, and the ease of installing, and you have a solution that makes a homeowner happy, meets and exceeds industry standards, and adds to your bottom line.

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