Which Zoning System Should I Choose?

Arzel Zoning is committed to offering innovative zoning solutions, and we have lots of options. So which zoning system should you choose? It can be hard to wade through all of the choices when it comes to zoning, and we wanted to help. Here is a guide to installing Arzel zoning systems. We will talk about our most popular panels, and the damper options that go with them. Make a great decision about how to zone your next site with this helpful guide.

HeatPumPro Zoning Panel

Don’t let the name fool you: HeatPumPro® does much more than heat pumps. It’s our most popular zone control panel, and it’s compatible with conventional equipment, heat pumps, dual fuel, and multi-stage electric or gas equipment. HeatPumPro is the zoning system you should choose for most residential applications.

HeatPumPro works with any 24-volt system on the market, without any external components. One of the nice things about HeatPumPro is that you can use inexpensive thermostats but still get the features of high-end thermostats because of all of the functionality built into the system.

With multi-stage equipment, HeatPumPro can handle the staging for you. It manages staging with a real time reading in your ductwork and an outdoor sensor. If you need bypass for your multi-stage application, we recommend modulating bypass. There’s a modulating bypass port built into HeatPumPro that allows you to add our ModuPASS® bypass system. We recommend HeatPumPro for multi-stage applications because it has the functionality to get the most out of multi-stage equipment.

If you’re working with dual fuel, just set a temperature and HeatPumPro will flip over to an alternate heat source at that temp. There’s also a hard lockout, which you can use with electric backup heat.

HeatPumPro is available in 2, 3, or 4 zones. It works with just about any residential application because you typically don’t need more than 4 zones in a single-family home. If you divide it more than that, the zones can start to get too small. When you are working with large houses that need more than 4 zones, we recommend the AirBoss.

AirBoss Zone Control Panel

The AirBoss® is your go-to panel for large homes or light commercial applications. AirBoss can be configured for up to 8 zones, and it can handle multi-stage equipment.

One of AirBoss’s best features is the master zone switch. You can use this switch to run a setback in all zones when the building is unoccupied. The master zone switch reverts all zones to the zone 1 setup. Building occupants can manually flip the switch when they leave, or you can set it on a timer.

AirBoss ships with leaving air temperature protection. You’ll install a sensor in the plenum, then set lockouts for overcooling and overheating. When the temperature reaches those lockouts, AirBoss will stage the equipment back or turn it off and run the fan until the temperature improves. Additionally, AirBoss can handle dual fuel when you add an outdoor thermostat.

When you use AirBoss with multi-stage equipment, you have some options. Either use two-stage thermostats, or have AirBoss manage the staging with the timer on the board. AirBoss also includes a modulating bypass port that allows you to add our ModuPASS bypass system.

MPS Zone Control Panel

Which zoning system should you choose when cost is an important factor? MPS® is our budget-friendly zoning panel for single-stage systems. The MPS panel pairs well with new construction zoning. Installing MPS is a great opportunity to use Arzel’s high-quality dampers without the expense of a more feature-rich panel. Still, you’ll want to consider the age of the equipment. If the owner is planning to purchase multi-stage equipment soon, we would recommend opting for our HeatPumPro panel.

MPS is compatible with single-stage conventional equipment, or heat pump with electric backup. We do not recommend MPS for dual fuel.

For more information on our panel options, see our zoning panel overview video.


After you know what panel you’re going to use, it’s time to figure out which dampers to choose. We offer several damper varieties to make installation possible, and all of these dampers are compatible with every panel we sell.

EzySlide® is our most popular damper, and it can be used when you have access to the ductwork. EzySlide dampers come in round and rectangular sizes, and they are installed into existing ductwork with a simple cut-in.

When you have limited access to the ductwork, use the InsertaDamper®. Its spring-loaded band holds it firmly in any type of round duct. Use InsertaDamper in applications where the main trunk is accessible but the takeoffs are not.

Or use the boot-loading EzyFit damper. EzyFit’s blade folds in half like a taco so you can install it through the boot and into the branch.

Our RegiDamper® is the best damper option when you don’t have metal ductwork. RegiDamper fits right into the register boot. It’s our only damper without a gasketed seal, so there is some bleed by, but RegiDamper can save the day when you want to zone a slab house. It may also save you from cutting into drywall to access hidden ductwork.

Learn more about our damper options and how to install them in our blog about installing dampers into existing ductwork.

What you need for every Arzel Zoning installation job

Finally, here’s a quick list of items you’ll need to complete any zoning job, no matter which zoning system you choose.

Zone Control Panel

We offer four different zone control panels so you have a lot of options. For most residential applications, we recommend the HeatPumPro, our universal panel. Our MPS panel is the budget-friendly option for single-stage equipment. For larger homes and commercial buildings, the AirBoss is the go-to panel. You’ll want our GTPro for full geothermal functionality.


Our dampers are pneumatically driven, using vacuum to open and pressure to close. Our most popular damper is the EzySlide, but we have other options for applications without accessible ductwork.


PVC tubing connects the dampers to the panel. We recommend using a different color for each zone. For some dampers, you’ll need our plenum-rated tubing that can be used inside the ductwork. You can cut the tubing with PVC cutters, a utility knife, or sheet metal snips.


Our barbed fittings connect the tubing, and you can connect them by hand without any special tools required. For branch ductwork, when you’re placing multiple dampers on each zone, you’ll also need tee fittings.


A 120-volt transformer comes with each panel. Panels with 4 or fewer zones come with a plug-in transformer that plugs into a standard wall outlet and has an auto-resetting fuse. For the 6-8 zone AirBoss, there’s a hard-wire transformer that you’ll need to install. These transformers have a fuse that resets with a switch on the transformer.


Use any 24-volt thermostat with all of our panels, including battery-powered, power stealing, single-stage, multi-stage, WiFi-enabled, and smart home thermostats.

So, Which Zoning System Should I Choose?

Still have questions about how to add zoning to your next job? We would love to talk to you. Call us at 1-800-611-8312 and talk to one of our zoning technicians. Or sign up for one of our training opportunities to grow your skills.

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