Can zoning reduce energy costs and improve efficiency? YES! 

First off, Happy National #CutYourEnergyCostsDay! Read below to find out how our zoning solutions can contribute to significant energy savings while allowing your furnace to run at its highest efficiency.


  • How can zoning save homeowners money? Zoning allows homeowners to control the temperature in different areas in their homes (zones). When a zone isn’t being used, the temperature in that zone can be raised or lowered, which saves on energy consumption. Keeping the temperatures in the individual zones not more than five to six degrees apart is the most economical and efficient operation for the furnace. A more consistent temperature and lower energy consumption equals a lower energy bill for homeowners.


  • For added energy efficiency! Arzel zoning systems can be paired with (Programmable or Smart) thermostats. All of our zoning panels are compatible with most thermostats currently on the market. Smart thermostats are capable of learning a household’s occupancy patterns and adjust heating and cooling dependent on whether a zone is occupied, or is about to be occupied. While programmable thermostats require homeowners to enter the times and days when zones will or will not be occupied. This leads to a significant reduction of energy use for the homeowner.


  • Built to last! Our zoning systems don’t require regular maintenance. Once the zoning system is installed, there are no yearly check-ups or routine maintenance necessary, which means no additional cost for the homeowner, and no wasting money on uneconomical space heaters, window A/C units or other energy hogs.


  • Finally! Properly maintain your furnace! What does this mean? Regularly changing the air filter, and scheduling annual maintenance to keep it running efficiently!


If you are looking for a contractor, use our free contractor locator tool below! Contractors with the green shaded listings have attended our Comfort College and are professionally trained to install our zoning systems.

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Meet Arzel’s Business Development Manager

Help us welcome Matt, Arzel’s newest team member. Matt has taken on the role as Business Development Manager and will work out of Arzel’s headquarters in Cleveland, Ohio. He grew up in Wadsworth, Ohio, and graduated from Kent State University with a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing and a minor in Business Management. With over twenty years of sales and customer service experience, Matt will concentrate on establishing new, while maintaining existing relationships with Arzel’s valued customers. We welcome Matt to the team and look forward to using his skill set to contribute to the current and future success at Arzel.

Meet Jill, Arzel’s new Marketing Coordinator

Jill Bresnahan joined Arzel Zoning as a Marketing Coordinator in November this year. She was born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio.  Jill graduated from Walsh University in 2017 with her Bachelor of Arts degree in Corporate Communications and minors in marketing and management. Her past work experience focused on content design for print and digital marketing while using social media to promote and share events. Jill is looking forward to increasing brand awareness and building connections with customers, vendors and the Arzel team. Please join us in welcoming Jill to the Arzel team.

Meet Michael, Arzel’s new Embedded Systems Engineer

Michael Palmer joined Arzel Zoning as an Embedded Systems Engineer. Michael has 13 years of professional experience in writing embedded software applications for real time operating systems (RTOS).


Before joining Arzel, Michael held the position(s) of Lead Software Engineer, Software Architect, Research Engineer, and Product Test Engineer throughout the course of the last 15 years. His work experience and research interests span: Web App Development, Robotics, PID Theory, and CNC Manufacturing.


Michael is a graduate of the masters program at the James C. Wyant College of Optical Sciences at the University of Arizona, where he converted many optical testing/fabrication research experiments into production ready systems requiring little to no software maintenance.










The Most Common Misconceptions About Installing Zoning

Zoning products have evolved greatly since they entered the HVAC marketplace. Many believe that zoning can only be installed on 2 story homes with trunk lines, or zoning isn’t required when using variable speed and multi-stage equipment. We have uncovered many misconceptions on the where, when and why of zoning installations, here are some of the most common.

It’s Too Expensive – My Customers Won’t Spend the Money

We hear it often “You have a great product, but my customer base doesn’t have the income to afford these types of upgrades”. The bottom line is, how can you know what your homeowner wants or needs until you take the time to ask the questions and look for the signs?  The facts don’t lie – the average homeowner who has had Arzel Zoning installed in their home has a home that has between 5-8 rooms and is of a bi-level design. What does that mean?  It means that it is not just large, custom homes with sprawling floor plans that are candidates for zoning. Your zoning customers can be any average service agreement or emergency call customer that you see on any given day. It takes a comfort consultant or service technician asking the homeowner the correct questions and looking for the signs to start the conversation about zoning. Click here and schedule a webinar for more information on how to spot a zoning opportunity and how to start that conversation with your homeowner.

It’s a Completely Finished Home – There is NO WAY to access the ductwork so I won’t quote zoning

With most zoning manufacturers, the thought of offering zoning in a home that is completely finished or has limited access to ductwork can be daunting. Most contractors would believe that access panels would have to be cut into finished ceilings to allow access to install branch or trunk line dampers. The fact is that Arzel makes it completely possible to zone any existing home without having to disrupt the interior of the home or redesign the existing ductwork. Arzel offers a full line of retrofit dampers that allow contractors to install them at takeoff near the plenum, or near the register boot – both options eliminate the need for having to cut into a finished room ceiling or disrupt the cosmetic appearance of the home. Take a look at Arzel’s line of retrofit dampers here and see how easily they install – Check out our products here.

I install mostly variable speed equipment – that should handle the problem

Another common misconception in the marketplace is that variable speed equipment alone can solve comfort issues and temperature differences within a home. While variable speed and multi-stage equipment can sometime improve airflow and efficiency, it cannot compensate for poorly designed duct systems or applications where homeowners want specific temperature control.

To get the most out of Multi-Stage equipment, the system needs to know where the load is and the most advantageous mode of operation.  Zoning provides the opportunity to customize the operation of a heating & cooling system, to control capacity based on duct temperature, and to control airflow by the volume of ductwork being served. The HeatPumPro by Arzel was designed to help maximize the effectiveness and efficiency of zoning multi-stage and variable speed equipment. More specifically, the HeatPumPro has built-in staging features that allow the user to configure staging settings based upon either demand or capacity requirements. CFM staging based on Zone Weighting minimizes or eliminates bypass requirements by controlling fan speed independently, giving more flexibility to control how and when the equipment will stage up based upon capacity or demand requirements.

Zoning is the perfect enhancement to any HVAC system, no matter the age or size of the home. Zoning can be used to solve your customers’ comfort issues while increasing the overall effectiveness of the existing equipment.  Overcoming these misconceptions can help you boost sales while improving your customers’ home comfort. Sign up for our contractor portal for exclusive access to installation and troubleshooting videos, product manuals and marketing literature and subscribe to our email list to stay on top of Arzel Zoning news. Sign up for contractor portal here!

5 Things Contractors Need To Know When Installing Zoning

1.) Does drywall need to be removed to install a damper system?

No. Our dampers have been designed specifically for applications where the ductwork has been buried and is not easily accessible. Check out our products page to find out more about our special application dampers such as the EZYFIT or INSERTA. All dampers come with a lifetime warranty. HVAC pros can register here for videos showing how easy Arzel dampers are to install.


2.) Not enough air coming through the registers?

Check the furnace manual on what the maximum static allowance is for the furnace. Then, adjust the system to run near the maximum static on the smallest zone without creating disturbing air noise for the homeowner. The maximum TSP could be as much as 0.8” to 1.0” W.C. and will have a much greater effect on the homeowner’s comfort. Keep in mind to never exceed the maximum static allowance for the furnace in order to prevent damages and ultimately warranties from being voided.


3.) Are pneumatic systems reliable?

Yes. Arzel systems operate pneumatically and have been providing comfort since 1983. We are so confident in their ability to provide reliable comfort we backed them with a lifetime warranty and our 100% comfort guarantee. Arzel is more than reliable, it’s very quiet. When installed properly, the systems perform near and less than 40 dB, which is typically the noise in a library environment.


4.) Can smart thermostats be used?

 Yes. Smart thermostats that allow for conventional 24vac outputs are compatible will all Arzel zoning panels, MPS, Airboss, HPP, Evergreen, Coolmizer. We know that our contractors and homeowners have their preferred thermostats and we wanted to make sure that Arzel would be compatible with what’s familiar.


5.) Do I need a bypass?

It depends. Bypass often isn’t needed but this will depend highly on the application. Bypass is usually applied incorrectly and oversized for the application. The design and layout of the HVAC system determines whether a bypass is required. There are many ways to control the static or airflow noise in the HVAC system. We are happy to discuss proper bypass application, call us at 800-611-8312.

Natasha Carter: New Arzel Sales Rep in Florida

We are excited to announce Natasha Carter, President of Robert Nash & Associates, LLC as our new sales representative in the state of Florida. Natasha started out in the HVAC Industry focusing on the technical aspect of high-velocity systems before establishing Robert Nash & Associates, LLC. She brings over 12 years of HVAC experience and a passion for helping contractors differentiate themselves by offering high-quality innovative solutions while using the industries’ most reliable products. We look forward to working with Natasha and welcome her to our Arzel family!

Meet Dave, Arzel’s new Sales Manager

David Domanick has joined Arzel Zoning as Sales Manager. David brings over 15 years of sales/customer service experience and will use his skills to drive sales growth and relations with distributors and contractors alike.

Prior to joining Arzel, David held the position of Director of Customer Services at GED Integrated Solutions, a glass window manufacturing systems provider. While he was there, record parts sales were achieved by focusing on improving customer experience. His implementation of proactive service plans, customer training, consultative consignment programs and a measured focus on departmental efficiency and accountability added to the success. Dave also held sales/customer service positions in material recycling and in the industrial control and automation solution industries.

We welcome David to the team and look forward to using his skill set to develop valuable relationships while contributing to the current and future success at Arzel.

Got a homeowner using smart, wi-fi enabled or programmable thermostats? Learn how they can benefit from adding Arzel Zoning.

According to ENERGY STAR®, the ideal homeowner comfort level lays between 70 and 78 degrees, and to maximize energy efficiency it is recommended to lower or raise the temperature by 8 degrees when away. Smart thermostats automatically adjust temperatures, programmable thermostats follow a preset schedule, and wi-fi enabled thermostats even allow comfort management remotely. While they sound efficient, in reality, they cause over conditioning and waste energy by not distributing the conditioned air evenly into the areas that are actually used. Why? Because there is only one thermostat managing different temperatures throughout the day for the entire house. Unused areas receive unnecessary conditioning while other livable areas won’t reach the desired temperature. This is because the thermostat reached its set temperature at its location, and in most cases that is in the hallway. Doesn’t quite sound smart or energy efficient, does it? Now, before homeowner’s waste money and energy on space heaters or window A/C units, why not offer zoning?

All Arzel panels are compatible with any 24v, smart, wi-fi enabled or programmable thermostat. A thermostat in each zone will manage zoning calls automatically to ensure desired temperatures are always reached in the most efficient way. Zoning avoids over and under conditioning and guarantees, the homeowners comfort in the areas where they actually spend time. It will also save homeowners up to 30% on their monthly energy bill by running their HVAC unit more efficiently, while greatly improving their comfort. This leaves them a happy customer – all thanks to you for helping them automate their comfort in the smartest way possible. To learn more about our Arzel panels’ clever abilities and how you can help homeowners be more energy efficient and more comfortable with our smart zoning solutions, contact our technical support team to learn more about thermostats and their compatibility.

Control Indoor Allergens and Improve Indoor Air Quality

Fortunately, spring is just around the corner and the cold winter can be put behind us. With rising temperatures outside allergy season is about to begin, and the need for keeping your home or business cool and comfortable becomes a necessity. Soon trees, weeds, and spring flowers will start to release pollen which causes sneezing, itchy eyes, coughing, and congested airways.  Opening the windows and getting crisp spring air into the house is not an option, but what if it could be? What if you could enjoy the fresh, cool air in your home and save money at the same time?

The Arzel CoolMizer can do just that. This economizer delivers free air conditioning by introducing fresh outdoor air into your home, of course only if climate conditions outside are favorable. In combination with a MERV 10 or better air filter, you can dodge those frustrating allergy symptoms too! How so? When conditions outside are favorable, and the inside requires cooling, the Arzel CoolMizer communicates to its dampers to open allowing fresh, cool air to be drawn into the return air duct. The Coolmizer can be used with any existing heating and/or cooling system while giving your AC unit a break. The air is then purified through the HVAC system’s air filtration system providing your indoors only with the freshest, clean, and pollen-free air, leaving you as comfortable as ever. With favorable spring temperatures around the corner, you could save money on your energy bill by letting your HVAC unit take it easy. Enjoy fresh, clean air inside your home without having to worry about your allergies ever again.

Learn more about the Arzel CoolMizer today!

Arzel Welcomes New Sales Rep Group

Evans, Maille & Associates, Inc., a leading manufacturers’ representative will represent Arzel Zoning in central America. Primarily focused on HVAC related equipment and materials for over 40 years, Evans, Maille & Associates takes pride in possessing the technological knowledge and experience to thrive in the zoning industry. Located in St. Louis and Kansas City, Evans, Maille & Associates, Inc. will serve the states of Missouri and Kansas. We look forward to work and grow with Evans, Maille & Associates and welcome them to the Arzel family!