Arzel Welcomes New Sales Rep Group

Evans, Maille & Associates, Inc., a leading manufacturers’ representative will represent Arzel Zoning in central America. Primarily focused on HVAC related equipment and materials for over 40 years, Evans, Maille & Associates takes pride in possessing the technological knowledge and experience to thrive in the zoning industry. Located in St. Louis and Kansas City, Evans, Maille & Associates, Inc. will serve the states of Missouri and Kansas. We look forward to work and grow with Evans, Maille & Associates and welcome them to the Arzel family!

Meet Anette, Arzel’s Newest Marketing Coordinator

Anette grew up in Germany and came to the U.S. as an exchange student in August of 2011. She attended Notre Dame College to pursue a Bachelor of Arts degree and graduated in 2016 with a major in international marketing and minor in entrepreneurship. Her past work experience focused on social media marketing where she managed various social media and online advertising programs. Anette will concentrate on the maintenance and development of creative marketing programs while providing outstanding customer service. We look forward to applying her skillset and experience to help Arzel’s marketing team exceed your expectations. Please help us welcome Anette to the Arzel family!

Arzel Welcomes New Canadian Sales Rep

Arzel Zoning is pleased to announce that AIR FORCE 1 Sales & Marketing Ltd. is representing Arzel  Zoning throughout Ontario. AIR FORCE 1 has been well known in the HVAC, electrical, plumbing and industrial markets since 1999. This customer-focused sales agency has continued to grow based on its professionalism and technical know how. Arzel is located in Cleveland Ohio, and manufactures the industry’s most innovative and reliable zoning products for the residential and light commercial markets. This partnership enhances our customer service & technical support throughout the region. We are excited to welcome AIR FORCE 1 to the Arzel family. For immediate service please contact AIR FORCE 1 at 1-800-707-6297.

Ideal Temperature Can Help You Get Your Best Night of Sleep!

How well you sleep has been proven to link to how productive you are at work, your overall health, and happiness. Ideal sleep temperature has served to be one of the best natural sleep aids. Setting the thermostat to the correct sleep temperature can help to sleep better and improve your general sleep cycles. If you’re having a hard time falling asleep or are uncomfortable when you go to bed, zoning may help you experience the best night of sleep.

According to the National Sleep Foundation, the ideal bedroom temperature for optimal sleep is between 60 to 67 degrees. In the winter months, this can easily be achieved, and even save you money on your heating bill. However, in the summer, maintaining this temperature with air-conditioning can get expensive.  Aside from surrounding yourself with fans to keep cool, zoning allows you to set your ideal temperature in individual rooms. Cooling down just one room can get a more comfortable night’s sleep while using a fraction of the energy.  It is a permanent solution to the age-old problem.

Here is a link  to find your local Arzel certified contractor.

The Top 3 Reasons You Can’t Miss the 2019 AHR Expo

January 14th through 16th · Georgia World Congress Center · Atlanta, GA

As the new year starts, we get it, there is a lot for you to do. But for those in the HVAC industry, we highly recommend attending the 2019 AHR Expo. There are plenty of reasons why you can’t miss this expo, but the top three reasons are educational sessions, networking opportunities, and the first opportunity to view new technologies and products.

AHR offers education seminars putting you face to face with industry experts. This year there will be more than 50 classes over the three-day period covering various hot topics. There are additional seminars that help professionals build upon their existing certifications and give themselves a competitive advantage when you return home.

Last year, AHR experienced an all-time record of attendees. With that being said, AHR draws crowds, not only from thousands of contractors, but designers, engineers, manufacturers, and other HVAC professionals from all over the world. With over 60,000 attendees, the opportunities to make connections are endless.

There is one common theme of what the future of HVAC entails, and it is that technology will become a stronger influence in the industry and homeowners’ expectations. AHR is known as the largest HVAC marketplace and helps guide those creating, installing, and using HVAC equipment to better understand and adapt to changing trends. Also, AHR is the epicenter for the release of many new technologies and products with exclusive buying opportunities. Past attendees have said the Show allows them to see the latest and greatest products available, in addition to being able to talk directly to engineers and reps about products on the Show floor.

So regardless of what your needs are, these reasons all add up to a productive and profitable experience. Arzel Zoning Technology, Inc. is pleased to be attending the 2019 AHR Expo presenting some of the newest innovations happening within our family of brands. The expo will be held from January 14th from 10 am -6pm, January 15th 10am-6pm and January 16th 10 am – 4pm. The expo will be held at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta, Georgia. Arzel Zoning Technology will be located at Booth C5354, be sure to stop and see us!

Meet Our New Rep Group, Keystone Sales & Associates!

Established in 1973, Keystone Sales & Associates (KSA) is the premier manufacturers’ representative for Plumbing, Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning products in the Mid-Atlantic region. Headquartered in Pottstown, Pennsylvania, the company is experiencing rapid growth and expansion by offering a large selection of related products from a single source. As a value-added supplier, KSA provides distributors and contractors with customer support and hands-on technical training. Please help us to welcome Keystone Sales & Associates to the Arzel family and look out for our new Reps at future events!

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If you have any application or operation questions, call Arzel’s Technical Support at (800) 611-8312 or contact us at: Arzel Support

HeatPumPro: Not Just for Heat Pumps!

Don’t let the name fool you, the Arzel HeatPumPro isn’t just for heat pumps! The HPP is our most compatible panel, and works with single stage, two stage, duel fuel, conventional, and variable speed split systems. The HPP, combined with our unique variety of damper options, makes it ideally suited for both new construction and retrofit applications, offering the most versatile zoning system in the industry. Because the HPP stages the blower independently from the compressor, it reduces potential noise by controlling the furnace blower based on the size of your zone, and it lowers operational costs by not creating more capacity than needed. This ensures that the homeowner will receive their desired comfort without having to hear it or overpay for it!

The HPP also gives the contractor unique customization options. It allows them to tailor staging and control the HVAC equipment to match both the zoning installation and the homeowner’s specific needs. Equipped with a fully programmable software, the contractor can adjust the system to better match the homeowner’s lifestyle patterns, HVAC equipment, and comfort needs. The advanced logic in the HPP allows for all of its capabilities to be utilized with just a simple heat/cool thermostat, even when applied to multistage, duel fuel, or heat pump systems. The LCD display delivers real time reporting of the system activities and seamless on-board programming; it indicates output to the equipment, run times, duct temperatures, outdoor temperature, zone inputs, and can be useful in system diagnostics.

With its versatile capabilities and easily programmable setup, the HeatPumPro is your go-to zoning panel.

  • For more information on the HeatPumPro, go to: HeatPumPro Zoning Control
  • To find a distributor in your area, use our distributor locator tool: Arzel Distributor Locator
  • If you have any application or operation questions, don’t hesitate to call Arzel’s technical support at (800) 611-8312 or contact us at: Arzel Support

Jason MacCartney: New Technical Support Specialist

Jason MacCartney is Arzel’s newest Technical Service Specialist. In this role, Jason will focus on helping HVAC technicians and business owners understand and troubleshoot Arzel Zoning products. He will also contribute to new product design and be responsible for the quality control inspection of our products.

Jason began his HVAC career in 2009 after graduating from Auburn Career Center’s HVAC program. Working at Debord’s One Hour Heating and Air in Chardon, Ohio, he held the position of Install Helper before being promoted to Senior Service Technician, and ultimately, Comfort Advisor. Jason worked on maintaining and repairing residential and light commercial equipment and as he became more experienced, he worked alongside his manager and supervised the day to day operations. During his career, Jason has enjoyed diagnosing and fixing issues while helping his clients get the most out of their heating and cooling systems. Jason looks forward to using his acquired skills and knowledge to help Arzel’s customers get the most out of our zoning systems.

Please join us in welcoming Jason to the Arzel Zoning family!

Multiple Systems Vs. Mini-Splits Vs. Zoning

Multiple Systems, mini-splits or zoning? With such a variety of options out there, it’s hard to decide exactly which is best for both your customer’s comfort and your valuable time. So how do you make the right decision?

Multiple Systems

Multiple systems can be used due to total load requirements, or to provide additional comfort. They can benefit your customers by providing back up if another system is down and by adding another layer of control to their total home comfort. With that being said, there are some downsides to be considered with the use of multiple systems. This means more equipment and materials to purchase, more power consumption, and more ductwork, venting, line splits, gas piping, etc. Installations are much more difficult and labor intensive, there is more equipment to maintain, and there are more repair costs to consider.


Mini-Splits have been taking the industry by storm and your customers know to ask for it! They are a great and energy efficient option when needing additional capacity at load peak or a back up to the primary system. They also provide the best option when there is no/inadequate ductwork, or undersized equipment capacity. However, mini-splits can create a lot of additional trouble for your customers and ultimately you. They are messy to clean, could harbor mold growth and odors, require additional equipment to maintain, compromise the indoor or outdoor aesthetics of the home and some homeowners think they are loud. Installation is also very labor intensive, requiring additional electrical circuits, the potential use of an electrician, and the need to run multiple refrigerant line-sets and condensate drains.


Zoning is the HVAC industry’s best kept secret of energy efficient comfort control. It is a less invasive option for the customer since it makes use of their existing HVAC system and causes no aesthetic issues inside or out. It also provides a less labor-intensive job for you because it requires no additional electrical circuits, refrigeration line-sets, venting, or gas piping , and requires no additional maintenance. The drawbacks to some zoning systems include damper motor failures, static pressure issues, noisy dampers, stripped gears, and trouble if there is inaccessible duct work. There is also a need for multiple, large 24VAC transformers to handle the power required for multiple damper motors, as well as the need for additional/complicated wiring and relays. However, Arzel has been able to avoid these widespread issues due to our innovative and unique design.

How Arzel Can Help

Arzel Zoning products provide solutions to zoning’s largest drawbacks. Our pneumatically operated damper design eliminates all of the issues caused by motorized dampers. So that means no damper motor failures, no noisy dampers, no stripped motor gears, no need for multiple, large 24VAC transformers, and no complicated wiring or relays. If inaccessible ductwork is a concern, our wide variety of damper designs allow for zoning to be installed in even the most difficult of ductwork scenarios, without the need of invasive measures. To avoid static pressure issues, our technologically advanced control panels allow for programable staging as well as bypassing options.

So Which Option is Best?

That is ultimately for your customer to decide! Educate them on the trade-offs of each system and let them choose which option best fits their needs.

Exploring Geothermal from the Ground Up

Geothermal energy has been around for more than 100 years and with the power to harness the Earth’s temperature and ultimately cool and heat your home

How it Works

In the summer and winter months we expect the extremes of sweltering heat or frigid cold, but approximately six feet under the ground, the temperatures remain constant. Like a cave, this ground temperature is warmer than the air above it during the winter and cooler than the air in the summer.1 These temperatures are then harnessed with the help of geothermal heat pumps and exchange your home’s temperature for the Earth’s.

Available Savings

America has been slow to adopt this technology, however, now that the government has given a tax credit, it is expected to gain steam. The Bipartisan Budget Act of 2018 allows taxpayers to claim a credit of 30% of expenditures, including labor cost for onsite preparation, assembly or original system installation, and for piping or wiring to connect the system to their home placed in service by 12/31/2019. 2


Aside from the benefit to the environment, geothermal systems are known to be highly efficient and last around 50 years! Typically, geothermal system’s upfront costs can be steep, but one of the main advantages geothermal provides homeowners with an average savings of 30% – 70% on their energy bills. 3 And, if you factor the costs into your mortgage, the overall costs incurred will far outweigh the upfront costs.4 On average, homeowners were able to see a return on their investment in seven to eight years. 3

Arzel’s Zoning system, the GTPro, synchronizes with your geothermal unit to offer customized comfort while lowering the operational costs to control the geothermal units. The temperature sensor monitors the ground loop temperature, ensuring proper function of the system and ultimately saving you money.






Tatiana Rodriguez: Arzel’s Newest Marketing Coordinator!

Please help us welcome Tatiana Rodriguez to Arzel Zoning as our newest Marketing Coordinator. She will focus on creative new marketing programs, customer service and contractor engagement. Her international and multicultural experiences provide a unique perspective that will help Arzel launch new products.
Tatiana is a recent graduate from John Carroll University who studied International Business and Spanish. In the past she has successfully strengthened companies’ social media presence and evaluated their analytics drawing on her business acumen and comprehensive understanding of social media platforms. We are excited to have her on our team and utilize her skillset.
Please help us welcome Tatiana.

Arzel Introduces Haven at the 2018 MCE in Milan, Italy

learn more about Haven’s visit to Italy at

Arzel Zoning Technology Names Joel Rosier as Technical Support Specialist

Cleveland, March 7th, 2018:  Arzel Zoning is pleased to announce that Joel Rosier has joined the Arzel team as it’s new Technical Support Specialist. In this position, Joel calls upon his 13 years of experience in the HVAC industry to provide support for our customers and ensure high-quality control standards

Joel says,

“Looking forward to a great career with Arzel Zoning Technology helping provide fantastic technical support and assist in future product development, it’s an exciting change, and I look forward to what the future holds.”

Following in his father’s footsteps, Joel decided to pursue a career in the HVAC industry at an early age. Throughout his career, he has sharpened his skills in HVAC design, fabrication, troubleshooting, and repair of residential and light commercial applications. As an instructor at Arzel, Joel looks forward to sharing his wisdom and helping to inspire others toward success in the HVAC industry.  His experience and commitment to providing exceptional service will prove to be a valuable addition to the Arzel team.

Please join us in welcoming Joel to the Arzel Zoning team.

As an industry leader, Arzel Zoning provides innovative HVAC zoning solutions that are simple and reliable for both the residential and light commercial applications.

Arzel Names Jon’s Plumbing & Heating as our 2017 Contractor of the Year!

From their humble beginnings in 1998, Jon Sells (pictured right)  founded Jon’s Plumbing & Heating with the desire to be, “the best plumbing and heating contractor in the area we serve. Not the biggest, just the best.” That was the foundation that Jon’s Plumbing & Heating was built on, and it’s what continues to catapult them into their 20th year of business.

After 20 years, they show absolutely no signs of slowing. With customer service at the forefront of their priorities, Jon’s Plumbing & Heating has grown to a team of 18 dedicated professionals who pride themselves on providing their valued customers with real solutions to their comfort needs, not just selling them a box.

Arzel isn’t the only one noticing this standout company. Jon’s Plumbing & Heating has been recognized with an array of awards for their outstanding service. Most recently, Jon’s Plumbing & Heating was awarded 2nd place from American Electric Power for kilowatt hours saved by their customers. They have also been recognized by PHC Contractor Magazine as one of the top 20 contractors in the United States, and made the INC5000 list for being one of the fastest growing companies in the United States. This barely scratches the surface of the many well-deserved accolades that this superstar company has earned throughout their 20 years in business.

With the top Arzel panel registries for 2017, Jon’s Plumbing & Heating continues to thrive, especially when it comes to zoning sales. So aside from a growing team, great values, and various awards, what else has helped drive the success of Jon’s Plumbing & Heating in 2017? The answer to that question is simple; putting the customer’s comfort first! When quoting a job for a new home, Jon’s Plumbing & Heating consistently includes zoning in their pricing platform unless the home is a basic ranch, with no finished basement. The rule of thumb in this case is, “if there is a 2nd floor or a finished basement, it is going to be priced with zoning.” This mentality is crucial in conveying the importance of comfort to the customer.

Keeping the customer’s comfort at the forefront of their business requires a quality product that will both guarantee their comfort, and be reliable for the long run. After being burned by zoning products that utilize electric motors that constantly failed and were harder to install, they decided that it was time to make a change. After switching to Arzel, Jon’s Plumbing & Heating was pleased to discover that Arzel was extremely easy to install and setup, and that the pneumatic dampers eliminated the failures found in other zoning products. Now Jon’s Plumbing & Heating consistently chooses Arzel for their zoning jobs. Not only do they find it easier to install and program than other products, but they also find it easier to sell! With the industry’s only lifetime warranty and 100% Comfort Guarantee, it is extremely easy to assure the customer that they are making the best investment for a more comfortable tomorrow! Jon’s Plumbing & Heating is so confident in the Arzel product line, that they even have a working Arzel Zoning System installed in their showroom (pictured right), as well as one in Jon’s own home.

Throughout their 20 years of service, Jon’s Plumbing & Heating has definitely come a long way. They are a true testament of how focusing on the needs of the customer, not money or size of the company, can truly make your business standout against the competition. With values like that, it’s not a surprise that they continue to win not only awards, but also the business and trust of so many homeowners in the area they serve. Arzel Zoning Technology is proud to have such a dedicated dealer representing our products, and we look forward to another successful year for Jon’s Plumbing & Heating.

Arzel Zoning Launches the Arzel Proposal App

Cleveland, June 23rd 2017: Arzel is pleased to announce the newest addition to HVAC contractor tools, the Arzel Proposal App! This new app is a free utility that makes it easy for technicians to manage customers, organize jobs and create professional proposals on the spot. Have a proposal signed or have it sent before you even leave the customer.
Save TIME and make more MONEY! Create custom proposals anytime, anywhere!



  • Customize Company Profile: Add company logo, address and contact information (Displayed within app, on proposals and emails)
  • Quick and easy customer contact set up
  • Increase profits with provided sales tools: Easy access to videos and digital literature
  • Save Time and complete work at the job-site
  • Invoice ANY service and customize all Arzel product and material fields
  • Quote a customer and offer a Good, Better or Best option
  • ONE CALL, CLOSE: Customers can sign proposals right on your device
  • Email professional proposals to your customers with one tap
  • View and Edit detailed product sizes & specifications

Congratulations to Arzel’s newest Comfort Consultants!

The Benefits of Zoning 

You’ve noticed some warm and cold spots in your home since you moved in. At first you thought you could live with them, but now it’s frustrating – you want to use the basement as a family room, but it’s just too cold; that extra room on the second floor would be great as an office, but it turns into a sauna in the summer; and you can’t turn the air conditioning up in the living room without over conditioning the first floor, too.

You talked to your local contractor, and he gave you a solution: zoning. Great, problem solved. But what else does zoning do other than fix those uncomfortable spots? What additional benefits does it bring?2 couples in kitchen

1. Lowers Your Energy Bill

Zoning allows you to raise or lower the temperature in different areas in your home (zones). When a zone isn’t being put to use, the temperature in that zone can be lowered which saves on energy consumption.

2. Increases Comfort Across Your Home

Hot and cold spots aren’t the only spots in your home that could use some increased comfort. When Family Member A is cooking in the kitchen and the oven is making it a little warmer than you like, you can lower the temperature in that zone without decreasing it in the living room where Family Members B and C are playing a board game and like it to be a little warmer.

Or maybe Mom and Dad like their room a little on the cooler side when they sleep, but the kids like it to be a little toastier. That can also be done since there is a separate thermostat in each of those zones.

3. Allows You to Schedule Your Comfort

Programmable thermostats are terrific. They’re even better when paired with zoning – you can set different areas of your home to raise and lower the temperature at different times of the day based on what parts of your home you use at those times. Only use your family room on the weekends? Set it to a more comfortable temperature for Saturdays and Sundays. Does the dining room and kitchen go unused until 5:00? Set the system lower for the hours you’re away from it. Does someone work from home but only uses one or two areas during the day? Keep those areas more comfortable while using less energy to heat or cool the rest of the house until everyone comes home from work and school. Programmable thermostats aren’t necessary for zoning, but they can be useful.

4. Once it’s in, it’s done

Zoning systems like the Arzel® systems don’t have to be regularly maintained. Once the system is installed, that’s it. No yearly check-ups or routine maintenance needed; and that means no added cost to you.

5. Increases the Value of Your Home

When it comes time to sell, a zoning system will even add value to your home.

So start putting that extra space to use; give your local contractor a call. You’ll be glad you did.

Did You Know Arzel Specializes in Commercial Zoning? 

Don’t miss an opportunity to easily expand your business and provide additional comfort and improve indoor air quality to your customers. Arzel Zoning has designed a zoning system that can handle every heating and cooling systems used in commercial applications up to 15 tons. 

All of Arzel’s products have been designed to handle the wear and tear of light commercial applications, and have been field tested to ensure maximum reliability. To further ensure customer satisfaction, Arzel is the only zoning company that backs its systems with a lifetime warranty. In an industry where reputation is everything, a customer can rest easy knowing that they are covered.

Contact an Arzel expert today to learn more about commercial zoning products and applications!