New Price for the MPS Zoning Control Panel

With our special pricing locked in, MPS® Series Zoning Panel is an unbeatable value! You may already know that we offered special pricing for several months. Now, we’re locking in that special price so it will be the new normal price starting April 1, 2024.

Specifically engineered for single-stage HVAC systems, the MPS is an ideal solution for new construction projects and trunk damper systems requiring only a few dampers. With its straightforward design and functionality, the MPS is set to make your installations effortless and efficient.

It All Adds Up to Irresistible Value

New Pricing plus Our already Cost-Effective Dampers plus Easy Installation plus Lifetime Warranty equals Irresistible ValueOur new pricing for the MPS Zoning Panel, coupled with the cost-effectiveness of our dampers, gives you an edge this season. This powerful combo creates a clear choice for you and your clients, making the MPS a must-have for your projects.

But it’s not just about affordability; it’s also about ease and speed of installation. Backed by a lifetime warranty, the MPS underscores our promise of quality and your and your customer’s peace of mind.

Note: While the MPS is perfect for single-stage, more basic, and new construction applications, our other zoning panels continue to be the preferred, go-to panels for those wanting greater control of their systems and who desire our more feature-rich products, especially with multi-stage, dual fuel, and heat pumps. To learn more about which system to use for your application, see our article on choosing a zoning system.

Overcoming Supply Chain Challenges

We’ve turned challenges into opportunities. The COVID pandemic and subsequent supply chain disruptions led us to identify more cost-effective channels for MPS components. This approach significantly reduced our manufacturing costs.

By extending these benefits to you, we empower you to provide more, earn more, and enhance your profitability. So, seize the moment with our new price on the MPS Zoning Panel. Offer your clients an incredible deal they can’t refuse.

Talk to your local distributor for specific pricing information.

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