Top 10 Light Commercial Economizer/Fresh-Air System Applications

Light commercial HVAC systems are among the most common applications for zoning, economizers, and fresh-air systems. Economizers like the Arzel® CoolMizer open up even more light commercial opportunities for contractors as it is compatible with package units and split systems.

When you think about the advantages the Arzel® CoolMizer provides, it is the perfect addition to HVAC systems in light commercial applications such as:

  • Restaurants
  • Salons
  • Office Building
  • Conference rooms
  • Computer rooms/server room
  • Athletic clubs/gyms
  • Retailers
  • Banquet rooms
  • Daycare/School
  • Churches

These applications create unique situations when trying to maintain an acceptable comfort level while maintaining a healthy IAQ. Office buildings, churches, conference rooms, and banquet rooms often experience increased temperatures when large groups of people gather in one place. These crowded spaces experience heat gains in these rooms regardless of the outdoor temperature.

Using the outdoor air to cool these areas in milder weather will save the building owner money and keep the occupants comfortable while maintaining temperature in other spaces, therefore not over-conditioning.

Computer and server rooms have significant heat gains year-round due to the heat given off by the equipment in the room. Using an economizer to cool this space when the outdoor conditions are favorable will save the business owner money and reduce the wear and tear on the outdoor unit while increasing system efficiency and reducing costs.

Salons, athletic clubs, restaurants, and daycares also benefit from the fresh air intake function. Bringing in a small amount of fresh air helps increase air circulation and eliminates the odors and chemicals associated with these establishments. In the case of daycares, open windows for ventilation are not always an option due to safety and security risks.

CoolMizer® Economizer


The Arzel® CoolMizer is ideal for the applications mentioned above, and its configuration is simple with an easy-to-read LCD and setup wizard. It can also be integrated with the Arzel® Zoning system for more customized control of the airflow or installed as a stand-alone economizer.

The CoolMizer operates with two separate dampers, one large for free conditioning and one smaller for ventilation, or the patented Arzel Damper2 technology®. Damper2 technology is the only dual-purpose damper designed to provide both the benefits of free air conditioning and ventilation.

This innovative damper is two dampers in one, each controlled individually as required. Schedule a free webinar to learn more about the installation and setup of the Arzel® Coolmizer.

Light commercial applications can be a challenge to keep comfortable affordably. Add-on heating and cooling solutions like economizers, fresh-air systems, and zoning enable businesses to customize the space to fit their needs while keeping employees and customers comfortable.

It allows you to provide clients with an economical, relatively unobtrusive solution, maximizing your value to the client while adding to your bottom line. For a limited time, please take advantage of our Spring fresh air promotion giving your homeowner a $100 VISA gift card for their purchase of an Arzel® Coolmizer.

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